Your Favorite Yo-Yos

i say my favorite is hmm CLYW Gnarwhal and Vs. Newton Skywalker and Ti Walker

These are my favorite 5

    Peak,    Canvas

Ni Dietz, Ti-Walker, Code 1

Dream Yo Lion
YYR Sliepnir and Messiah
C3 Halo
RecRev Mangaroo
Shinwoo Techno.

The Sasquatch is one of my favorites

These ones!

i like the one on the left

this one

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what is that a vintage wooden duncan butterfly?

the one and only

I like my YYF Superstar.

Nov. 2011 Grind machine 2, CODE1
Dec. 2011 G5+, Mangaroo
Jan. 2012 Catalyst
Now Catalyst.

how does the catalys play?

Very stable, fast when needed, slow when needed. I get long spins, i use them for 5a and
I really enjoy this yoyo. Newer version seem to be heavier but really good yoyo.

i usually just attach a rock to a string and swing it around really fast. you know do it how the phillipians did!

Right now…
CLYW Chief
2010 YYF Severe
Spyy Punchline Repeater
YYR Dreadnaught

Catalyst definitely. I’ve been yoyoing for a month and a half, and after using the Yomega Maveric for a while, I decided to order the Catalyst, which is so much easier to land on the string and do anything with.

CLYW Grassy Lake Chief :slight_smile:

I love my Code1 and Burnside… just got my Chief - and it will find a place in my top 5; have yo yo will travel set…

Burnside, Northstar/Protostar, Dang(because I got it from JD)

RecRev Mangaroo… buttery smooth crucial grooved bearing, snappy response from general-yo, solid feel.