If you could only own 5 yoyos, what would they be?

These threads come and go often, I know. I wanted to hear from you guys though. Title says it all my friends.

  1. OG Peak
  2. CLYW Chief
  3. CLYW Wooly Marmot
  4. General Yo Essence
  5. 07 888

Subject to change. 8)

I don’t have to already own them, right?

  1. First run peak (Like the blue mountain ones)
  2. 2009 undersized noctu
  3. 2 loop 900s (does that count as 1 or 2?)
  4. Japan tech Rera
  5. tiwalker

Do we have to pick from what we already own? If so, my list would read:

  1. Turning Point Solenoid 1.1
  2. Werrd Irony
  3. One Drop CODE 2
  4. YYF Superstar
  5. YoyoJoker Uroboros

Prone to daily coughhourlycough changes. If it’s a dream list:

  1. Turning Point Solenoid 1.1 (yup, it’s THAT good)
  2. first generation Yomega Fireball (for the sake of sentimentality)
  3. 3YO3 Ti5
  4. YoyoRecreation Stargazer

Also prone to frequent changes depending on mood, weather, alignment of planets…


Spyy Pro
Oxygene Oxy 5 (only because it is the most beautiful yoyo I’ve ever seen)
NSC Helix

There are others that would totally make it onto this list by virtue of being just as great, but if I had to sell off my collection, these 5 would remain because they cover all the bases I need covered.

1.yyf superstar
2.yyf 888x
3.yyf supernova
4.yyf G5
5.yyf skyline

B!st Stradivari
Code 2
CLYW Chief
Duncan butterfly because i’m sentimental

i only own 1 of these, dont ask for any trades…

1 yyf skyline
2 yyf north star
3 yyj phenom
4 3yo3 Ti5 :wink:
5 Onedrop code 2

Here’s my list for yoyos I don’t own:

  1. 3yo3 Ti5
  2. A complete Buzz-On collection (yes that is one!)
  3. Asteroid color way CLYW Chief
  4. Hspin Envy or Envy 64
  5. KLR

Subject to change…

For yoyos I do own:

  1. CLYW Gnarwhal
  2. Pair of modded Yomega Raiders
  3. Pair of Duncan Echos
  4. YYJ Fiesta XX
  5. One Drop Code 2 with every pair of side effects available
  1. Anti yo Bapezilla 2 it looks so pretty
  2. Arctic Circle
  3. Ti 5
  4. Remnant 2 i love the way it plays
  5. Liopleurodon great yoyo

Yoyojam Cerberus, two of them.
Yoyofactory Loop 900, two of them.
Yoyojam Equinox.
And some counter weights for 5A.

1.A New Canvas
2.Arctic Circle
3.Soda Blasted DANG


  1. Genesis, violet with blue acid wash
  2. Superstar, silver with blue splash
  3. 888 black
  4. Mighty Flea
  5. 1D Burnside

I’m not good enough for these, but I want them for looks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. CLYW Arctic Circle Alec Campell CHKNSTRPS ed.
  2. YYF Genesis KOJO BOISON ed.
  3. CLYW Chief Ash Berry ed.
  4. c3 Berserker Silver Coat ed.
  5. Rec Rev Reverb pair

Top Five for playing:
. One Drop Code 1
. 3Yo3 Ti5
. YYF Loop 900
. Duncan FHZ (Glow of course)
. YYF StarLite

Top Five for collecting:
. ProYo Nuclear Ace
. ProYo Nuclear Bee GT
. ProYo Nuclear Bee
. Knibb Dyna Glo
. Duncan FHZ (Glow of course… probably the 75th Anniversary Edition or the Gyroscope.RU Edition)

07 888, FH1, BvM, X-Convict, Project, In no specific order. Old school yo.

  1. Chief
  2. MoonWalker
  3. TI Walker
  4. Sky Walker
  5. Duncan Pro Z


  1. moonwalker
  2. peak
  3. ti walker
  4. KLR
  5. B!ST Tondo
    (Got two of them ;D)

if its the moonwalker ti walker or peak i envy you

moonwalker and KLR… i used to have a hulk smash peak but i lost it…