YoYojam Lovers

Who did you admire in yoyojam ???.
Iam Hiroyuki Suzuki,Takeshi matsuura

I love Yoyojam, Especially my X-convict, my first yoyo and my all-time Favourite!!! ;D

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I think they make good yoyos with a good price tag… Especially their bi-metals … I think it’s worth owning a few… I wanna try the new breed

Hands down, JD is the man!!!


Yep, JD is cool. Can’t forget Andre though

is this thread about the yoyo or the team?
if it’s the yoyo, i don’t really own many YYJ yoyos myself, but i like the feel the meteor and phenom ha.
if it’s the team, it’s the yoyoexpert himself.

JD is the man. my first yoyo over the $20 amount was a Hitman.

I like their throws and the owners seem like cool people. And Andre’s the man!!!

I was saying I like manufacturers for the throws they make, not for their team… I like the players individually…

To answer the question properly, I like Micky cuz he is a happy crowd pleaser on stage and his really fast play is amazing, I like Takeshi cuz he ( being 4 or 5 years my junior) is someone I get 5a inspiration from … And Andre is just the best, I learned a lot from his vast selection of tuts

I like? A lot of yoyos from them. Hitman Pro, SFX, Ai, Meteor, DM, list goes on…

Takeshi Matsuura! My favourite 5A player. Rei Iwakura for making 4a like a dance. :smiley:

Mo Chavez.

eric koloski

and i am a big fan of yyj hint the name " YOYOJAMizm "

JD and the yoyo Hitman Pro

As far as players, Andre, JD, Ben Conde, Joseph Harris, Nathan Crissey and Mikhail Tulabut.

As far as yoyo’s.

Isn’t it called the Sirius?
sorry ichtus, youre awesome, but i need to do this. . . :slight_smile:

i agree

For the yo-yoers I would have to say Andre and Joseph Harris. For the yo-yoers it would be the Dark Magic, Legacy, and Big Ben. For the yo-yos I don’t have would be the New Breed, Dark Magic 2, Meteor, Lyn Fury, and maybe the Big Yo.

I’m a huge fan of Yoyojam myself. I only own one yyf throw and that is the Protostar. For people: I like JD for 1a, Grant Johnson’s 2a, (I dont really watch alot of 3a, so I don’t know any 3a throwers). For 4a I like John Narum, and for 5a, I like Takeshi Matsuura. And for just overall, you can’t forget André. :wink:

cool, what is the looping yo yo that Andre Broulay uses

yoyojam hands down is my favorite team and yoyos