What's your favorite yoyo player?


Tell me what’s your favorite yoyo player? I’d love to hear your answer.

Happy Throwing!

Max =]

(DrSqueakers) #2

My favorite player is hiyoruki suzuki (aka micky) But aundre boulay in clase second


I like JD a lot! - 1a
pat cuataro - 2a
kentaro- 3a
not sure - 4a
takeshi - 5a


I like:

1A: Augie Fash, Yuuki Spencer, Andre Boulay
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: David Mellons, Jake Bullock


1A-Andre Boulay/Hiroyuki Suzuki
2A-Pat Mitchell
4A-John Narum


1a: Paul Han, Augie Fash
2a: John Ando
3a: –
4a: –
5a: Tyler Severance or Fasano.


my favorites are

1a André Boulay #1
2a Grant Jonson #3
3A Rick Wyatt #5
4a Micky #4
5a Steve Brown #2

Later and remember keep it spinning.


1A-Andre Boulay
2A-Andre Boulay
3A-Andre Boulay
4A-Andre Boulay
5A-Andre Boulay



Andre, Mickey, JD, im all about team yoyojam!


john ando and hiroyuki suzuki but hiroyuki i like is when he is in worlds 2006 … not really that fast but skillful … thats wat i like … 2007 and 08 not really nice


im not sure. i like doc pop and andre boulay

(Connor) #12

For 1A these are my top three, in order.

1st: Andre Boulay ;D ;D ;D
2nd:Yuuki Spencer ;D ;D :slight_smile:
3rd: Grant Johnson ;D :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


On second thought, being the noob that I am, after learning some stuff about him yesterday, I cant really respect Yuuki anymore.


Like what?




For 1a style:Andre, Mickey and Eric Kolowski


grant, andre(of course) and jd

(TechyThrower92) #18

André Boulay and JD ;D ;D


Andre can’t do 3A.

Happy Throwing! =]


andre boulay.