adre bouley

I wanted to know if adre bouley is one of the best yoyoers in the world. If he isnt then who is

There is no best yoyoer.

You spelled Andre Boulay wrong in the title. Its Andre, not adre. :stuck_out_tongue: No worries. :wink:

It is all preference. Yes, he is in my top 3 players. JD, Eric Koloski, Andre Boulay.

He is very good, and I’m glad you think that, too. :slight_smile:

You forgot Mickey, Tyler, and a whole bunch of other people I’m forgetting.

I think he is, but many people don’t.


I listed my top 3.

Tyler is nowhere in my top 5, either. Nor top 10. Not sure on top 10.

He’s great, but I don’t really like him. I like him, but not a whole bunch. :slight_smile:

Oh sorry.

I need to learn to read.


Don’t worry - it’s okay.

I was wondering why… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s alright. :slight_smile:

hes probably my fav! I know hes not competed in ages! But I just think hes super smooth! I love his style! For example Operation DarkMagic is probably my fav vid! i know people say stuff like “he just does ladder escape a few time” and " “the stuff he does aint that hard” etc, but I love his style! Id rather see an easy trick does with style that a hard trick done with out the style! Thats why hes one of my favs in if not my fav!

He should be on the top 3 of every player’s favorite player list.

If not, top 5.

In my opinion.

Let’s just say, and to make it simple, HE’S AWESOME! ;D

It depends on if they like his style. Personally, I like his style because it’s layed back and cool. Also, thumb grinds are fun! Especially the horizontal thumb grind.

Don’t get me wrong, he is an amazing yoyo player who has done amazing things for this community, (his tutorials have changed the yoyo world) but he is far from the best player in the world.

many people are better than him, he just has done an amazing this for the community.

He and Mickey are my favorite of all time. Maybe Mickey like, .5 more, but they both rock!

You mean the UFO grind?

He throws a UFO, brings it up, and Thumb Grinds with it. :slight_smile:

Ikelace, your opinions differ than our views. He might not be for you, but he is very good for us.

He has done great things, making this site for us, the forums, just having something good upon us. :slight_smile:

I’m confused. I said that he was a good player, just not the best.

Also that he has done amazing things for the community…

I don’t see how any of that is negative.

Andre rocks, but he’s not my favorite he’s my second favorite. My favorite is … yup you guesed it…JD!!! O, and also I think Mikey is over-rated and repaets WAY to much. :frowning: