Favorite YoYoer Poll

Pick Your Favorite, not the one you think is the best.

None of these happen to be my favorite player, instead of making a poll, you should just ask this in the topic. Jensen Kimmit BTW…

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None of mine are up there.

John Narum, Alex Berenguel, John Chow, David Ung, and Zammy

There’s a long list…

ya ik instead of making a long list i put the most popular sorta except for Grant J. i had to put him up hes my fav

Dude, they aren’t the most popular at all. Anyways, I am still making up my long list of fav. players I have… I will post it here soon.

Out of the ones you listed, JD. He’s also my favorite 1A player.

My favorite is a toss up between Tyler Severance, and Miguel Correa.

I picked Eric because you spelled his name wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


These are all the ones I can think of right now… If I think of any more, I’ll put 'em up. They are not in any paticular order, BTW.

Jensen Kimmit
Guy Wright
Augie Fash
Tyler Severence
John Ando
Patrick Mitchell
Yukki Spencer
Zach Gormley
Mark Montgomery
Grant Johnson
Jonnie DelValle
Andre Boulay
Joseph Harris
Yoshi Mikamoto
Anthony Rojas
…and Samad Patel

Alex Berengal and Adam Brewster!

But I can say that Andre has given more than anyone else on the list!

Lots of inspiration from Sid, Justin Weber, Kengo Kido, John Ando, Anthony Rojas and Zach Gormley lately.

Hopefully John or Sid will release a video soon. Their new work is mind-blowing! =)

Mark Montgomery
Jensen Kimmitt

John Narum,he has pure skill!

I have a different fave every day.

Today, its Chuck.

Tyler S.
Miguel C.
Vashek K.
Tie M.
Zach G.
Juan R.
Sterling Q.
Jensen K.
Jake B.
Andrew B.
Charles H.
Samad P.

I abbreviated all last names in fear of spelling them wrong…

a couple folks who are on my all-time list and imo, don’t get mentioned enough in lists like these:
drew tetz, joey fleshman, john w. robot, john higby, seth peterson, abe dagravedigga, shawn fumo, justin weber, alex berenguel, danny severance, jacob deffenbaugh, mark allen, henry dineen, paul escolar, larry sayco.

no real “favorites” though. having a sense for what inspires you is wonderful, but the idea that “this art here is ‘better’ than that art there” is among the most massive of human delusions.

On the contrary, “better” and “favorite” are not the same in any way. “Favorite” refers to the person that has the most appeal to me. I like their style and their tricks because I think they look nice. There might be alot of people “better,” but this guy is still my favorite.

My favorite band is The Who. They are not great musicians (Save for John Entwistle, may he rest in peace) but I like the music that they make. However, I recognize artists like Bruce Springsteen and Led Zeppelin to be more talented players, I just don’t like them as much.

Vashek Kroutil, by the way.