favorite yoyoer

is there anyone that has a favorite professional yoyoer
i want to know!
i will tell you guys mine later!

Favorite Sponsored Yo-Yoers.
Samad and Paul Han.

Favorite Non-Sponsored Yo-Yoer.
David Orvek (check him out on vimeo.)

yah i saw david
he is really good!
samad and paul han are super good too!!!

FAV sponsored = samad, guy, andre, JD, augie.
FAV non sponsored = icthus.

Sponsered= ‘Migi’, Makato Numagami, ‘Micky’, Jack Ringa(He’s really funny)
Un sponsered= Connor, dont know last name but he was so awesome at Indiana State Contest

Sponsered: Jensen, Augie
Not sponsered: Josh

Aron Bendet
Samm Scott
Joe Wilson
Eddy Dubell
CJ Atkinson
Sid Seed
Randy Jansen
Joey Fleshman
Justin Weber
Danny Severance
Tyler Severance
Jake Bullock

to name a few off the top of my head

Takeshi Matsuura
Muhammad Shakeel
Hassan Marialis
John Ando
Sebastian Brock
Oh, Andre Boulay! :smiley:

WOW that was a lot guys!
here are mine:
and a lot of other people!

andre boulay, yuuki spencer, jon ando, miguel correa, johnny devalle, ooch SIKE, me

I’ll give the only two that I currently have. 1a Adam Brewster 5a Miguel Correa.

Well, i have a lot.
But vashek is always comin up in my head.
And josh.

Jennsin Kimmit, Guy Wright
Non sponsered: Myself of coarse.

I know him ;D

But anywho, my favorite yoyoers are Doc Pop, Guy Wright, Ann Connelly (I think that’s how you spell her last name) and Sebastian Brock… There are LOADS more, those are just my top four

my favorites are doc pop, andre bouley, tommy smothers, dazzling dave, and me :wink: not sure if i spelled andre’s name right either… i love watching yuuki spencer’s freestyles too. yeah, i agree there are a lot to name but those just come off the top of my head. a lot of them i like for different reasons too. different styles they have, and the things they do for the community.

Sponsored: Adam Brewster, Kazuma Oono, Plamek, Iwasawa,
Non sponsored: Peter Stevens, Black, Alda Chow, Junya Yamamoto, Kumo, Jin, Justin Weber.

Johhny delvalle and Guy Wright, Andre Boulay, And Aman Sircus

Guy Wright for sure with Augie Fash in a close second.

Doc Pop is definitely right up there too for his inventiveness alone.

any favorite 5a players?