Top 10 Favorite Yoyoers Thread

What are your top 10 favorite yoyoers?
Mine are:
1.Jensen Kimmit
2.Ben Conde
4.Michael Kurti
5.Zach Gormley
6.John Ando
7.Adam Brewster
8. Yuuki Spencer
9.Harold Owens III
10.Takeshi Mastuura
No Specific Order except Jensen…

8.) André

There’s too many of these threads… luckily I have a list on a Word doc ready to go when the topic comes up. lol

Jensen Kimmitt
Guy Wright
Yuuki Spencer
Anthony Rojas
Zach Gormely
Augie Fash
Paul Kerbel
Chase Haddden
James Reed
Harold Owens III

10 is too many. But I’ll take a go at it.

Luis Enrique
John Ando
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Tyler Severance
Andre Boulay
Benson Fok
Marcus Koh
Christopher Chia

That’s all I can think of at the moment, and they aren’t in order.

Christopher Chia
Vashek Kroutil
Marcus Koh
Benson Fok
Ryota Ogi
Takahiro Iizuka
Shu Takada
Yasushi Furukawa
Takuma Inuoe
Luis Enrique and Chris Fraser are tied.

I only felt like posting 5

  1. Ben Mcphee
  2. Steve Brown
  3. Kentaro Kimura
  4. Chris Mikulin
  5. Simpson Wong


  1. Hiroyuki Suzuki
  2. Christopher Chia
  3. Zach Gormley
  4. Tyler Severance
  5. Jensen Kimmit
  6. John Ando
  7. Kentaro Kimura
  8. Andre
  9. Miggy (Miguel Correa)
  10. Victor Gravitsky

I’m not sure about the order but I like most players so :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have time for 10:

  1. Petr Kavka
  2. Yuuki
  3. Palli
  4. Jason Lee
  5. Yuji Kelly

1.Jensen Kimmit
2.Mikhail Tulabut ( on a side note, eveyone go buy a Vigilante NOW. They rock.)
3.Nate Sutter

I have more, but for some reason I can’t remember them right now.

  1. Andrew Maider
  2. Harrison Lee
    3)Gentry Stein
    4)Zach Gormley
    5)Takeshi Matsuura
    6)Marcus Koh
    8 ) Adrien La
  3. Christopher Chia
  4. Ben Conde
  5. That’s right I put an eleventh I’m a rebel

No real order except for my top three

1 jensen
2 gentry stein
3 harold owens
4 guy wright
5 zach gormley
6 mark Montgomery
7 adam botglia(yo tricks guy not sure if spelled right)
8 grant johnson
9 ben conde
10 steve brown
no particular order

Kinda not in order

  1. Anthony Rojas
  2. Gary Li
  3. Petr Kavka
  4. Paul Han
  5. Igor from YYF
  6. Ray Godefroid
  7. Gentry Stein
    8 ) Jake bullock
  8. Jensen Kimmitt
  9. Alex Fairhurst

André Boulay
Jensen Kimmit
Yuuki Spencer
Jason Lee
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Ben Conde
Zach Gormley
Hidemasa Semba
Ann Connoly
Corli du Toit

I’ve been around too long to get it down to ten. Hope I didn’t forget anyone:

Jason Lee
Yuuki Spencer
Johnnie Delvalle
Rodrigo Pires (Sid)
Kohta Watanabe
Rodrigo Yokota (Whip)
Brent Dellinger
Jensen Kimmitt
Vashek Kroutil
Mark Montgomery
Sebastian Brock
Justin Weber
Charles Haycock
Anthony Rojas
Hidemasa Senba
Alex Lozyniak

Gentry Stein
Zach Gormley
Tyler Severance
Hiroyuki Idkwhathislastnameis!
Noah Conkling

I couldn’t think of ten

In no particular order:

Spencer Berry
Danny Severance
Steve Brown
Eric Koloski
Josh Yee
Paul Escolar
Mark Montgomery
Adam Brewster
Guy Wright
Jason Lee

Bryan Figueroa
Dat fast Asian guy
Dat little Asian 5A kid

In no order.

Adam Brewster
Eric Tranton
Gavin Lent
Jt Nickle
Clint Armstrong
Graeme Stellar
Okamura Daiju
Yuuki Spencer
Augie Fash
I don’t know, this was off the top of my head and of course there is more.

Paul Escolar
Steve Brown
Spencer Berry
Shawn Fumo
John Russeth
Takeshi Kamisato
John Higby
Drew Tetz
Bob Rule
Gabriel Lozano

What I’ve taken from watching those guys, I can never repay.

Ty Goldman
Alex H