Name your favorite yoyo player or players.

Name your favorite yoyo player or players. I will start with Vashek Kroutil or Ben Conde, Vashek has a cool style that incorporates grinds once in a while, plus he made some of my favorite binds. Ben Conde has a unique style with lots of bangers and funny showmanship. Who are your favorites?


Guy Wright- Amazingly smooth with a nice mellow nature about yoyoing, same with Hank Freeman.

John Narum- Great guy with a great heart and is a yoyoing beast. Always enjoy talking to him

Si Yee Pong- Total dominating Competition beast. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins worlds within the next 3 years.

Paul Dang- Creates incredible videos and is a joy to talk to. He is also extremely funny and knows how to take care of business.

I have many more but I limited it to just 4 that came off the top of my head.


I have to agree, Vashek is the man.

My favorites Zach gormly john narum Ben conde and jensen kimmit

Dude that’s pretty cool that you had talked to Paul Dang and a bunch of other pros, I’ve never been to a contest and I have to agree that Peter Pong is pretty cool he just never came to mind when I made my own list.

Shinji Saito…that is all

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Artem Sadriev is one of my favorites

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Me, myself, and I

Mickey all the way. Fastest guy I’ve ever seen who can do slacks, pops, AND horizontal. Very fun to watch, though no grinds. (shrug) Still, he’s beast!

John Chow!!!

Zach Gormley, Jensen Kimmit, Charles Haycock,Brandon Hodges, Jacob Gross, Peter Pong and so many more !

Hiroyuki Suzuki.

Jensen Kimmitt.

Zach Gormley.

Charles Haycock.

Yuuki Spencer.

Favorite Player: Jensen Kimmitt

Favorite persons who play: Ryota Ogi or Gentry Stein.

I love smooth, slow, flowly yoyoing

I love repeater tricks

I love the punchline

Take a guess

Brandon Hodges, Jacob Gross, and Jim White.

The G2 team gotttt flowww yooooo

John Ando, Vashek Kroutil, Patrick Borgending, and John Chow

Spencer Berry, Jensen, Yuuki, Shinji, Guy, Sebastian Brock, Tyler and Danny Severence, Jacob Jensen, Jason Lee

either Patrick borgerding (such a nice guy), MOMO (fingerspins FTW!!) or palli, (puffin and palli r both awesome :wink: )