Favorite YoYoer


I am new to the yoyo world and I am curious to know who are some of your favorite yoyoers. I would have to say from what I have seen so far I really like Augie Fash just because of his style and personality on stage.

Who is your favorite yoyoer and why?


My favourite yoyoer is Ann Connolly, because I really like her style. And it also helps that she’s cute… lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Jon Robinson for me, the most creative 5A out there, going all out for pure, dope style
then Takashi Matsuura, he’s so young and already so great, I can’t wait til he grows up and really fuel that sick 5A with real life experience, he’s full of promises

on another note, Zammy, because I like how sensitive he is and how it shows in his play


Gentry :wink:


Always gunna be Steve Brown


Tyler severance , Augie Fash.
They are sick.


Jensen Kimmit




Tom “YoYo Man” Smothers, he is the reason I throw today.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #10

mark hayward,he is my inspiration :slight_smile:


Marcus Koh.


a few guys from the spyy team
joey fleshman, guy wright, alex jv.
i also like augie and sebastian brock


Man it really depends how you look at this. I am inspired by SO many good yoyoers and Its hard to land on a definant favorite.
I like John Chow so much because his tricks are so difficult and techy and yet look so amazing. When I watch Gentry or Augie throw tech, it doesnt leave the same impression on me as Johns tricks do. With that being said, I like other aspects of Augie and Gentry’s styles,and especially how they always try to have fun with it.

My personal favorite yoyoer now is John Ando. His tricks are really innovative and he can make simplistic things look amazing. He really pushes the boundrys of yoyo play.

Other inspirations as of late: Darrell Mitchell, Jensen, Kengo, and YOU!


My favs and are my most fun to watch:

Paul Han
Steve Brown
Mark Montgomery
Guy Wright
Joseph Harris




Disappointed in you Joey.


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Jensen(no dout at all)
John Ando

  1. Sebby
  2. Jensen
  3. Ryosuke Iwasawa


This, even though a couple months old, should start going again.

Petr Kavka, such a smooth, style with a ton of slack elements that flow really well.