What is your fav. Professional yoyoer?


My favorite is Gentry Stein

(Q) #2

Didn’t see that coming.

(YoYo_Freak) #3

Peter Pong Si Yee


Luis Enrique

(laxdude99) #5

Jensen Kimmitt and Paul Kerbal


This is hard i have three. Petr Kavka. He is amazing and i love his style. Tyler severence he is a nice guy has a great style and a great attitude. When he is playing you cant help but think that he is having soooo much fun. And finally Josh yee. He is an amazing player a great guy and a very helpful fox


The pro from G-squared team whos name escapes me. I love his style.


marcus koh and augie fash :slight_smile:


John Chow’s style is awesome, and hes a really cool guy to hang around with.


Harold owens III and gentry Stein


Josh Yee. :wink:


Paul dang and mark montgomery


Ann Connolly shes awesome at what she does ;D

(SR) #14

Jensen Kimmitt
Guy Wright
Yuuki Spencer
Anthony Rojas
Zach Gormely
Augie Fash
Paul Kerbel
James Reed
Paolo Bueno


John Ando of YYF


LoLing my socks off!!

(laxdude99) #17

Jensen and markmont

(Trickster) #18

anthony rojas i love his style


Hiroyuki Suzuki


I should check out Petr Kevka. CLYW right?

My thoughts:
Jensen: Hes on a whole different level. I know everyone says it… Whats weird is he did relate himself to Tyler on a personality level (at least a while ago he did) but I find his “styles” 09,10,11 and fetus crew really cool and unique, amazing… Switching stuff up… All different but you see similar elements. He keeps the good ones. Its like almost obvious that he could win like every year if he wanted to after 10. They say its weird lookin up to someone the same age as you but seriously this guy seems mad cool. Playing life like chess… Its like everyone else practices for months for worlds and he just probably spent like a day making his freestyles and was like: yea, what up, easy! He knew he would win. A lot of inspiration there. Its good to be confident. Especially if you got it. I was always checkin out his blog because I also was into art and making beats. He made his live while I made mine through MIDI I believe. Big difference but still cool.

Ben Conde 4a. His style is insane. Also a whole new level. That kid is INCREDIBLE and makes me want to try 4a but I really can’t because I know I will never pull off that dope stuff plus I am in my apartment… I took computer graphics in school… A very artsy major. There…at school, one could tell the kids who had style from the ones who didnt. Right sided brain. They have style when it comes to everything wether its clothes, notebook doodles, class projects, yoyos… its all “swag”. I hate that word but it sums it up.

Jon Rob 5a. Same…Awesome. They all have different/individual “swag” no one can compare! All three are different. There are people better than him in his division according to judges… He is a little repetitive but if I saw a good performance from everyone I would call his the best. It did get me to pick up 5a. No “swag” my end yet…

I wouldn’t say Pro for 1a but Zammy also has a swag that no one can really compare to. Mobieous (sp?) is really cool and he really has that skill he can throw in anyones face (not that he has to). I just think its crazy cool. Z I know you try and get people into Mobeious sp? but I think I am intimidated by it because I didn’t see a transition with anyone. Just noone… then you… Making up the game. Sick.

I am also going to have to say Andre and JD but in another category.
Andre has made YOYO something it probably could have never been. This website. His tutorials. He seems like a real entrepreneur and I am really happy for him. He invented the thumb grind and him and JD were buddies. Worlds… JD got first… Andre got second… In my eyes they tied. Either way who cares? JD had those sick stalls and grinds… You don’t see that enough these days…
I also remember seeing Andre and someone else (don’t remember…some YYJ sponsor) on a video of them on TV (not JD). The other guy (not JD) was just showing off his collection of yoyos… making yoyo look hard and imposible while Andre was showing how yoyo is somewhat easy to pick up… make combos… He showed how to make a simple double or nothing into a matrix. You can tell he just wants people to enjoy YOYO. And you know what HE taught me YOYO. He is my favorite. When I saw this TV recorded video i was like WOW this guy is humble. He also teaches ladder escape and hour glass and doesnt even mention he made those tricks up, especially while they are legend. He made up Plan D and took it off the list here (which I have no idea why… the trick is AWESOME).

ALL are real individuals with extreme creativity and skill. Thats what I think makes someone a special thrower. I don’t really like the word “Pro” but as a community we need to label them as such. Otherwise you guys would be watching stupid videos of me doing 1.5 binds instead of incredible freestyles…etc.

Tyler is just kind of… another thrower… Nothing crazy… not hating. Really talented at yoyo… Just nothing different.