Favorite profesional

 Hey! Who is your Favorite yo-yoer? Yo-yo EXpert should put that as a profile choice!

Wasn’t this a topic before. IDK.
Mine is JENSEN KIMMIT! I love Paul Han’s style. He is cool.

guy wright

Andre Boulay

Luke Klosterman.

So awesome.

EDIT: Please don’t bypass the censor.

What does he do?

For me, it is JonRob. He is winning NER tomorrow just to let you guys know.

Ah nevermind. Me saying it will just make people say stuff. LOL i remember how this happened when I first started posting. good times.

your self?

Andre, Guy, Kimmit, Ando, Spencer, conde, JD, Mickey.
I have a lot of Fav’s

What are you guys talking about?

It’s Samad Patel! (duh)

Augie Fash

Vashek Kroutil

Augie, and Miggy are pretty badass. So are Jensen Kimmitt and Ann Connolly


Kentaro, Koloski, Andre… I have more than that.

Hiroyuki Suzuki, Andre Boulay, and Guy Wright

My self what?

Love yourself as a yoyoer : D

Hiroyuki Suzuki, Takeshi Matsuura and Andre Boulay. : D

Andre Boulay :slight_smile: he helps so much on the site

Jensen Kimmit, shinya Kido are my top 1a.

No. He fails.

Tyler Rose

:o :o :o :o :o :o