Favorite Yoyoer on the Yoyo Expert Forums

I was wondering who is everybody’s favorite yoyoer on the Yoyo Expert forums. I am talking about the yoyoers who aren’t sponsored. So, here are mine.

  1. It is a tie between Samad and davideyo.
  2. I would have to go with Josh. (Jayyo)
  3. It would be Zach Smith.

1.Andre boulay (master magic)
2.jayyo (josh)

Shoot… I’m not gonna say Josh since he could be sponsored right now, so,

  1. Mikers. He’s a pro, but, I’m gonna count him.
  2. Dackalink. Such a good yoyoer
  3. Ernest Kaiser. Awesome awesome awesome guy.

3.Juan Renteria

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I’m flattered. But since when am I a pro?

Yeah, that makes Samad feel really good. >_<
No seriously, nonprofessional? That’s just insulting :stuck_out_tongue:

1.) Samad- Because he’s so sexy and beast. (No Homo)

2.) Josh Yee - He’s ambidextrous.

3.) Icthus - :-\

I believe It say that are NOT PROFESSIONAL, So, why are guys putting Andre, he works for and sponsored by YoYo Jam.

All sponsored. :stuck_out_tongue:

I consider you pro.

Um…er… you’re a girl, right? Cuz if not dude… I’m not uh… yeah.

Even if she’s a he, take it as a compliment samad! lol

I’m assuming that middle one is a misquote directed at me, Samad… If it is:

I forgot to say no homo then. LOL


I do take it as a compliment, Samad. Just think of it like you’re so good.

  1. Samad

  2. Kim-Lan

  3. dryoyo


  1. Brian (AKA Apetrunk)
  2. Samad
  3. I don’t have number 3 actually… I just don’t know…

This is a very tough call for me.
I consider Samad pro. (you know why)

so I guess it’s this.

  1. Josh Yee (what a talent!)

  2. Mike Montey

  3. coming soon…

Number three for both of you should definently be me.

Wow Quinton, you are really modest.

Mine would probably go

  1. Samad
  2. Mike Monty
  3. Matt/Josh/Icthus

Can’t really decide lol