Favorite Yoyoer on the Yoyo Expert Forums


I was wondering who is everybody’s favorite yoyoer on the Yoyo Expert forums. I am talking about the yoyoers who aren’t sponsored. So, here are mine.

  1. It is a tie between Samad and davideyo.
  2. I would have to go with Josh. (Jayyo)
  3. It would be Zach Smith.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #2

1.Andre boulay (master magic)
2.jayyo (josh)


Shoot… I’m not gonna say Josh since he could be sponsored right now, so,

  1. Mikers. He’s a pro, but, I’m gonna count him.
  2. Dackalink. Such a good yoyoer
  3. Ernest Kaiser. Awesome awesome awesome guy.


3.Juan Renteria


I’m flattered. But since when am I a pro?


Yeah, that makes Samad feel really good. >_<
No seriously, nonprofessional? That’s just insulting :stuck_out_tongue:


1.) Samad- Because he’s so sexy and beast. (No Homo)

2.) Josh Yee - He’s ambidextrous.

3.) Icthus - :-\


I believe It say that are NOT PROFESSIONAL, So, why are guys putting Andre, he works for and sponsored by YoYo Jam.


All sponsored. :stuck_out_tongue:

I consider you pro.

Um…er… you’re a girl, right? Cuz if not dude… I’m not uh… yeah.

(Q) #10

Even if she’s a he, take it as a compliment samad! lol


I’m assuming that middle one is a misquote directed at me, Samad… If it is:


I forgot to say no homo then. LOL

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I do take it as a compliment, Samad. Just think of it like you’re so good.

  1. Samad

  2. Kim-Lan

  3. dryoyo

(Q) #16


  1. Brian (AKA Apetrunk)
  2. Samad
  3. I don’t have number 3 actually… I just don’t know…


This is a very tough call for me.
I consider Samad pro. (you know why)

so I guess it’s this.

  1. Josh Yee (what a talent!)

  2. Mike Montey

  3. coming soon…

(Q) #19

Number three for both of you should definently be me.


Wow Quinton, you are really modest.

Mine would probably go

  1. Samad
  2. Mike Monty
  3. Matt/Josh/Icthus

Can’t really decide lol