(JackG) #1

Samad is the Best i saw him on utube and he rocks!!!
i wish i can get good like him ;D AWESOME



(Mikey) #3

he is very good but people don’t think he’s good, i think their just jealus.

(JackG) #4

well heck im jelous


He rocks =D i webcam with him all the time =D


Yea… He’s awesome.

(Mitch) #7

Yeah, when ever some one asks to see some good yoyo videos these three I always show…

Augie of course! He posts here every now and then…

Jay! Who is our newest Forum eXpert

This last one is,  Samad!

This online community we have has a ton a great yoyoers, and I only named three…


Samad is really great!

One of the best 18- Yo-Yo players I’ve seen. :wink:

(Johnny T) #9

He’s some really great inspiration! To me I think he was the best yoyoer I’ve seen when I started yoyo-ing to now. ;D

(JonasK) #10

Not to undermine Samad or anything, but there are a lot of better 18- yoyoers than him. He truly is great though and he has the whole world in front of him.

Addment: I suck in relation to him.


Uh…thanks :slight_smile:

But this kind of proves Zach’s point. I am overrated :-\

But thanks for the support!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #12

Lol at all the reply’s!

(SR) #13

Go, Samad! :smiley:


Yes, you might be over-rated, not to be taken :), but on the other hand, you’re still amazing!


Yeah, don’t get the big head, but you are pretty good. But better than that, you help me when I need it.


Yep! :wink:


Aye, he’s awesome. He is really creative, and thinks of all sorts of things that I would never think of ;D

I guess some people are just good at yoyoing :slight_smile:


Samad is the best hes also fun to be around and usually hyper ??? But if you say hes the best he denies it and says he sucks. Samad you rock!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #19

You don’t say i’m the best. :frowning:
Haha jk.
Samad is awesome. :smiley:


Samad isn’t just a great yo-yoer, but a great forum member and friend :stuck_out_tongue:

Rock on Samad :wink: