Battle: Samad vs. Starscreem88!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys!

Long time ago, Samad and I decided to battle, but we couldn’t because he broke his arm and before that…

So today, BATTLE!!! Samad wants to make one clip video like what I did before, and I thought its kinda funny, lol

So here it is:


Starscreem88 (Max):


Happy Throwing! =]

P.S: I made new tricks in my video.


It is a tough decision. Both of you are good, but I am going to have to go with Samad.


samad ftw


Both were great, but max really took me with his great body style.


Both of you did really well! I agree with G-yo, his arm trick was pretty awesome!

(DOGS) #6

definitely samad :slight_smile:


Samad like heck!


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Well duh of course it’s Samad.

Samad, why are you so awesome?

(M²) #10

both of you did very great, but, i have to go with samad. Starscreem did very good and i enjoyed finally seeing him yoyo.

(Bradley Moss) #11

Well… I liked Samad’s tricks better, but the purple on Max’s yoyo is just too beautiful… I can’t choose. Lol.



love starscreem’s style but im still going to have to go with samad

(Mitch) #13

It was very close… Max’s yo went of screen to much… It wasn’t too big a deal but alittle upsetting…

Not sure, but I think Ima have to say Samad this time around…

(JayVee) #14

Pretty sweet body tricks there… voted

(Justin the JeeJaw) #15

Because his Samad. duh


Ah well i lost…

First trick was pretty slow and second trick was kinda simple…
Anyways, congrats, you won the battle!

Happy Throwing !=]


You both did well. It was a really hard vote. Seems a lot of people had that problem. :wink:


both are very awesome and i like starscreems atlye and all but samad was purly awesome i have to go wiht him soz starscreem :smiley:


Samad’s tricks were so smooth there’s no real decision. I vote Samad.

(Shisaki) #20

The problem with this IMO is that Samad has the advantage of favoritism (no offense).