Xdohl Vs Samad - Video Battle!

Allright, the videos are in!!! Yoyoexpert’s first ever forum video battle! Yeah! So, here’s the rules. Each of us made a video, one minute long. Now, you’re going to vote on them. First one to twenty votes is the winner! Choose wisely!

Xdohl - http://vimeo.com/4130852

Samad - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu9PsfZxvM4

Happy Voting!

I finally get to lose at something!

I get bonus points for being ninja :wink:

both very good but im gonna go with samad i like his style a little better(but very nice xdohl) :slight_smile:

Told you so Samad!

I think more people are biased.

Please don’t base your decision on editing, etc, but actual skill. Which is why Xdohl should win, haha

oh no i just like how you put the tricks together like that samad

im not going to vote, cuase i have a 90% chance of being biased. =O

well done both of you, whoever wins. your both very talented ^^

I can’t vote! You both are terrific.

but i like samad’s style better. Samad! Xdol, you’re still good ;D

Both of you are quite good.

But I think its clear that Xdohl has harder and smoother tricks.

Samad had some nice tricks, but I can tell he still needs to smoothen some tricks out and find some smooth transitions from trick to trick.

Samad has better editing to his video though.
So he will get some good votes there.

But trick wise, Xdohl won hands down.

Again, Both of you are good.

Xdohl, man crazy stuff! I can truly tell that you have major skills and really know how to make tricks!
Love it!

Samad. You got some nice tricks, try working on smoother transitions from trick to trick.
I can tell you really like making new tricks and thats awesome.

Good job both of you!

I still remember when both of you were quite new to yoyoing!

Ahhh… I remember those days…

Grrr! Samad deleted his old vid!

Oh well, this one!
(Bad language warning in the song)

You both have come so far!

Good job!


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Josh, you’re the man :slight_smile:

I would have to go with the smoothness of xdohl.

Go Samad!!!

Its heating up! ;D

I like Xdohl’s tricks more than Samad’s.

Happy Throwing! =]


Xdohl’s gonna win!!!


Let’s go to 20!

Okay :wink:

oh man… :’(

Happy Throwing!= ]