Haven't you ever wanted to see two people in the forum yoyo battle!

Haven’t you ever wanted to see two people in the forum yoyo battle!
Name TWO and well see if they want to and lets see if there up to it Lets call this event “BATTLE OR REJECT” a Game show! ;D

Sadly, I would be completely and utterly destroyed by most folks on this forum. Andre would end up coming out to South Bend to revoke my yo-yo license, and the public ridicule would be tragic.


If I were to call two folks to battle, it would be a toss up…

Samad vs. Chris


Andre vs. Brandon

i would like to battle somebody some day. but if i were to want to see someone battle it would be samad VS. kim two for experts, mono e mono. would be cool. i vote for samad!!!

I wouldn’t mind a battle… (SAMAD!) :slight_smile:

Battles are fun!

Xdohl is gonna pwn me. I’m nowhere near as good as him

BUT - I’ll do it. It’ll be fun to see a forum eXpert loose :wink:


just a 1:oo minute video and then post up your video on this poll and have fun! ::slight_smile:

WOO! This will be fun to see. :smiley:

Oh, legit?

Runs to film

So no limit to amount of tricks?

PS: I’m gonna be destroyed, Xdohl has been yoyoing way longer, haha :wink:


…you’re done? I wasnt planning to start until tomorrow at least! (Cause I’ve been working on a different video all day :D)

I lost

Hey, I remember you in the mastermagic forum, lol

Happy Throwing! =]

We NEED a 5A battle.

That would be amazing.

BAM ROFL! just like that haha! wish it was that easy for me! haha!

Hmm. I really would like to see two certain people cooperate on a single video instead of battling.

so far our first battle is xdohl and samad

We should do team battles!!! That’d be sweet!!! My camera broke tho… So I cant make video now :frowning:

I wish I had enough talent to compete in stuff like this

Samad, I await your video :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind seeing a video of DocRobot against anyone who will go up against him.