YoYo Duels, Challenge someone you know to a YoYo Battle

Any body who has a camera can participate come here and say

“I challenge _________ to a yoyo Duel!”

Challenge now!

                                Don't be a wimp and accept the duel jk!

                 Come on! :o

I challenge…ahhhh,‘its honza’ to a yoyo duel

I challenge samad to a duel but I won’t post a vid because I just want to see him yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

But I already have videos…

If somebody challenges me, they will die.
My most current vids are less than half as good as I am now.

Logan, you want to?

Srry gm user but I don’t have a camera if I get one soon I’ll make a vid though

Probably after Saturday, because I have to go to a wedding, and I’m pretty busy this week.

I’ll try to battle someone else in the meantime,now who…

Wow, congratz on 999 posts :smiley:

i want more lol

I’ll duel gm user. If you feel up to it l0l.

Hey Samad I’ll call you out, I’ll get murdered but oh well. Later.

Keep it spinning™


Rules and stipulations?

I don’t know,how about a 1 min vid,without any editing.

Sounds good to me

Alright,I might not do it this week though,I have a lot of homework since it is the end of the year.

I will duel someone but I only want to do a duel with 3 throws and only 1A. I also might turn someone down if I know they will totally pwn me. and I might not be able to put it in 1 vid If i cant put them all on top of each other.

lol I challenge Shisaki to a Duel!