Who wants to do a yoyo battle?

I’ve been yoyoing for six months (skill level would be 1 year to 1 1/2), and I think I wanna do a yoyo battle now

I’m looking for
1.individuals who have been yoyoing for one and a half years or less
2.people 15 and under

PM me if your interested

Rules would be

  1. One throw
  2. Regens allowed
  3. No video editing, adding music aloud
  4. Under 2:00

You want people throwing for less than a year when you have the self proclaimed skills of a 1.5 year yoyoer?

Yeah, way to challenge yourself! But really, that is kind of cheap, and where is this elusive scale to judge what your skill level you are in years?

I’ve only been yoyoing for six months, I said that because I have been told that that is my skill level.

I changed it

I personally wouldn’t measure skill level by the amount of time that you’ve been throwing. Everyone learns at their own pace and all that jazz. The system that appears to be used on this forum is by the difficulty of the tricks that you are able to do off of yye.

But lots f us finished YYE

Depends, what skill level are you at? If uve completed this sites list then… Pass… :smiley:

I completed the list exept for Yuki slack, and I don’t plan on learning it

I pretty much do my own stuff now

I throw in MFD stuff and a few slacks fom this site here and there, commonly a white Buddha

I know my old vid is very unoriginal, I plan on making a new one

MFD? And can i get a link to ur video?

MFD=Monkey Finger Design

I’m a lot better now, I started going to a club and they helped A TON

plus I make up my own stuff now

can u change settings so i can watch feom mobile? Lol i dont have access to computer right now

Try this:

Oh god no… no, no, no, ur way better than i am now in that vid, but uve been yoyoing longe rthan me :stuck_out_tongue: i dont think ill be that good when i hit 4 months though… my best tech trick righg now(on the yye trick ladder) is And Whut(did a lot of skipping so i dont know every trickbefore that), and i dont do much slack… my best trick for slack is probably brent stole :smiley:

I think iyoyo58 is a better match for ya, but he ha sbeen yyoing for 2 years

Ok thx

Lol that’s true. It took me around 3 weeks. Good times, good times. It sounds like I’m being overly critical (sorry 'bout that), but why not open it up to everyone? I’ve been throwing for around 4 years, but I’m only at the ripe old age of 14. It’s nice to see how you compare to other people, regardless if you do better than the person whom you’re battling

oh dude its on! Ill try to get a video up.

Im not too good, 10 and 1/12 months of experience. Lemme tell you, thats the best 4 months of yoyoing skill ive ever seen!

Im 13 too.

Great video, but i don’t think that you can claim to be 1.5 years skilled if you have only been throwing for 6 months.
I might take you up on your offer to yoyo battle though- im 14 and have been throwing for a year now