Been a while....who wants to battle?

Hey everyone, I need some motivation to start throwing again, so anyone up for a battle? 1A, One throw, no regen, edit it if you want. Clean simple rules. I’ll do multiple battles against people if I have time. I’ve been yoyoing for about 2 and a half years, but don’t let that intimidate you, I’m not that good :stuck_out_tongue:

I will battle but what level are you advanced expert or master?

Err, I learned all the master tricks like 2 years ago

this is gonna be like a yoyo contest but online almost guys . it will be a 1 min 1 throw yoyo battle with anybody who wants to join. the deadline is saturday night at midnight . the rules are the it has to be 1 throw and theyre can be no regens used or else its an automatic DQ. also no editing or adding music! so 1 throw and it does not have to be a min just give it your best. the contest will be judged by all people on
and also the team and owneers of chicoyoyocompany. you will post your videos here on yoyoexpert on a link i will set up friday. and also here this is where you will be judged by CYYC . get an account there so you can post the video there as well. one more thing the name of your video has to be CYYC battle and your name . so now you know the rules and dates and times but the real question is . who is the best ?

Our throw has to be a minute long…and no editing or music. No thanks

no it does not have to be a min long just one throw though and you can use music just do not upload it after video is made

So I can add like intro slides and stuff? If so I’m down. Tell me the deadline. And why not just post the two videos on here?

deadline is this saturday night at midnight and because if you post it to the CYYC link they will judge you and 1st place will get a prize from them

no multiple videos only one per player

Sounds good. And I’ll post it on here too, because I wouldn’t mind a general public vote and criticism.

i will post a link here friday where all of the videos can go the name of the video has to be CYYC battle and then your name

Kay, I’ll try to film it soon

what skill level Is this battle? is it anyone goes?

I would guess so, it is for fun haha

Any info on what 1st prize gets?

it will be announced friday and results will be announced sounday at 12 in the afternoon

anyone goes

Eh, I’ll try to give it a shot. Why not? :slight_smile:
I’ll start working on a freestyle when I get back from florida tomorrow

Freestyle? Lol it’s one throw xD

lol well… you know what I meant :stuck_out_tongue: