Yoyo battle

Looks like people are starting to do more yoyo battles so I was thinking why not? I’ve actually been considering this for a few weeks but I thought I was too rubbish to do one and I still am to be honest :smiley: But if anyone that’s as bad as me wants to yoyo battle, that’d be cool. Just to give an idea of my general skill level, I’ve been throwing for about 4 months, I’ve completed most of the yye list, I would say Im at the Advanced Part 2 - Expert pt 1 section but I know tricks on the list above that level too. Most of my tricks are from yye but I do know a few tricks outside of yye like ninja vanish. I don’t really do much slack, just a bit. Lastly, Ive just recently started making up my own tricks so they are very limited and I wouldn’t say anything I’ve made is too “creative”. So, anyone want to give it a go? We can come up with the rules later :slight_smile:

I dont know if I’m the right level to battle you
but if you wanna battle then I can.

Let’s do it ! I’ve been throwing 5 months now. I’ll definatley do this if I can find someone to film it for me.

Sure! Saw your name, thought it was familiar, looked at your profile and boom, clyw cliff, I gotta admit, that was a little intimidating haha :slight_smile: So what are the rules? No cuts, music, pic edits only, 1-2 minutes, all you can fit in. What do you think?

1-2 minutes music and then after that I don’t really care about the rules it’s up to you :slight_smile:

Alright, 1-2 minutes, music and pic edits only, no cuts. Just tell me when you got your video set and I’ll make a thread to vote in the videos section :slight_smile:

Can I join this?

Sure! I got a feeling both of you are going to destroy me though :smiley: I’ll try my best ;D

Just checked your profile, you are definitely better than me :o Im pretty sure you are much bettrr than him as well… Weve only been around for a few months but I bet you have been throwin for at least a year now. Wouldnt be much of a challenge for you but up to you :slight_smile:

Ya Logi you are probably was better than both of us…

ok, I’ll just let you two do it.

Woah there logi, no need to pick on people :wink:

But guys, may the best man win, and also, logi has been yoyoing for like1.5 years and i watched his video before, lets just say WOW!

:slight_smile: Would love to see this. I always like to see the future generation of yoyoers. I definitely can’t join in on this one buds. I’m currently in the competitive scene (not to brag) and have been at this for 4 years.

I would ask to join, but I don’t really have the time this week, lots of projects coming up.
:confused: maybe next time though!

We should have both of our vids up by next week :slight_smile:

i didn’t mean to make it sound rude… Sorry guys…

I dont think it was meant to be taken seriously, don’t worry about it.

I’ll battle u

Dude, we just battled. Let others have some fun

Ok haha just wanna throw out a few new tricks