Yoyo Battle?

Hey everyone. I haven’t done a yoyo battle in a while so I kinda want to do one. Skill level doesn’t matter. I’m just looking to have some fun and record.


1a only
2, 3, 4 throws (we’ll agree on one before we start)
No editing tricks. The video can be edited. Just not the tricks.

Just post here or PM me if you want to battle.

I might make a video soon. I’ll have to make it on the weekend though.

I’m looking more for a “Make a video, have it up in about an hour” kind of battle.

I can do a battle with you later this week if you want to though.

It’s OK, I don’t want to wreck your battle.

I can do one later this week with you. I’m just looking for a quick one tonight and then do some more later.