"Rookie" battle?

So I’ve been throwing for around 6-7 months and I’m wanting to do a battle. Looking for people who have been throwing for under a year. 3:00 time limit . No other rules. PM me if interested.

im in i guess since my cam broke while my first battle was going on


I’m down for that. Didn’t have time to film something for the last amateur battle and I am due for a video soon.


Well I’ve never really done one so I was thinking maybe like a 1-2 minute freestyle?

me too i got a new yoyo

If you’re allowing cut videos, I have a short 1 min vid that I shot last night with 3 combos/tricks in it. I’m down for a freestyle vid if I have the time though.

no your not allowed you are 2 pro you will blow us out the water!!!

Ehh. I’m not a sore loser. He’s been yoyoing for only a few months so he’s allowed in. Would someone be interested in help setting this up? I’ve never really done it before.

I just want to establish that i was joking

Made my day man. I might not have time, but if I get around to it I’ll definitely participate.

I’m down!

Can I enter? I need some excuse to film a vid. Lol