Been wanting to do this for a while, anybody want to battle?
Rules would be
-limit 1:30
-editing aloud
-unlimited throws

I have been throwing for around two years, so im not pro, but i am decent. I want to keep this relatively small, no bigger than 4 people. If you are interested P.M. me or just reply to this thread and we will set up due dates.

come on, no one? :stuck_out_tongue:

I will, lol I suck haha, but I will film tomorrow or something

I’d do it if it was 1 throw only with no edits. You can re-take obviously as many times as you want before you upload it, but I believe the only editing that should be allowed is adding a cool song and a title, but as far as the throwing itself, one throw. Either that or 1:30 with as many throws as you can get in between that time limit. I’m not the best, but it’d be cool to ‘e-compete’ to help train for the real thing eventually.

im in

I can settle for that, lets make it unlimited throws though, as to not disadvantage people without really high quality yoyos.
O.K. so we have
When do you guys want the deadline to be? Next Friday sound good?

Sounds good to me!

That works! I just found my tripod that was packed away, so it’ll be hd quality instead of using my phone. I’m decent, but I mostly do all tech stuff, since I haven’t really messed around with slack tricks. Remember guys, no editing allowed during your throws! True competition style :wink: title edits and song edits allowed though

I want in :slight_smile: I’m not the best but I’m “meh” and I haven’t had a yoyo battle ever and I’m entering my second year of throwing.

This is getting to be quite sizable but what ever, everyone just post the videos online at youtube or vimeo and P.M. me the link by friday

I sent the link of my Battle video to Finch. Should I just upload it here as well or are you going to make them all on the top post?

i will create a new post with all the videos and a poll.

im deciding what video should i choose it definately not gonna be a winner tho :frowning:

I’m going to have to back out as for I can’t find my camera! Sorry guys!

I doubt I’ll win either, I’ve got some decent tricks/combo’s, but nothing compared to a lot of people out there. So it looks like we’re down to 4 including myself, so as soon as you, finch and iyo58 send your videos to finch, then we’ll be ready. Only 2 more days!