Under two year battle

Hey fellow throwers! I’ve been throwing for almost a year an a half and I want to host a “under two year” yoyo video battle. Here’s the vision I have, this is just the initial thought and I want opinions from the rest of the community this isn’t just about me :).

I’m thinking between 5-10 people involved. Videos between 2-2:30 long. Must be throwing for less than two years at start of contest. Winner is based on votes, if posted on other yoyo sites those votes can count. Or winner could be chosen by a panel of judges. If done by a panel of judges there could be best in multiple categories, ie best trick, best overall, best flow, best videography, just random stuff like that. That’s what I’ve got so far. I want everyone’s opinion and people who would be interested as well. If you want to compete send me a pm over posting in here.

  1. Baerinatux (1 year 5 months)
  2. aznnboyaZ (1 year 10 months)
  3. HipposLoveCere (6 months)

When’s a possible deadline? Because I want to do this but I have A LOT of school work I finish

I’m thinking mid-end of may for the deadline. I realize this time is a busy school time for all of us.

Come on people! Lets make this happen!!

What yoyo styles are we allowed?
1a only?

I’d say all! Let everyone do what they want!!

hmmmm this might be something id do for funsies as ive been throwing a little over a year and a half also =]

I might if I have spare time

Do it!!

I think you can find a little bit of time to make a video :slight_smile: