rookie yoyo battle

no one yoyoing more than 1 year and 6 months just a non edited (music can be edited in) and after all vids are in i will put up a poll well vids due jan 20th no prise just respect lol

im down. Im pretty close to one year though… like the end of this month

I’ll be one year sometime next month. I’m in =) Any limit on time?


So this is for people throwing for at least 1 year or for those under one year? Just clarifying.

wait… yeah did you mean “no one yoyoing more than one year”?

more than 1 year in a half to clarify 18 months and down

Wait I’m still confused. You have to have thrown for MORE than 18 months or LESS than 18 months?

at 18 months or less

down… Rules?

ok so 18 months or less, I’m in then.

I would probably be in, playing for a year

I’ve been yoyoing off and on for 16 months, 13 months yoyoing.

alll yoyos and style are included
3 mins or less
music is needed
continuous videos and cut videos welcome
please let string be visible
don’t edit to the point that its hard to see.

i made a video for my 1 year of yoyoin… so i guess i just use it here…

I guess I’ll do it, even thought there is no chance of me winning.

I’ve been going for about 10 months.

i think i might be able to do it, iv been about one year and one month, if i’m not able to ill tell you

wait just to clarify, it can be edited, it doesnt have to be one take right.

Yep, he made it pretty clear here:

okay, sounds good

Here is my video, hope you like it  :o