Someone yoyo battle me - CLOSED

Pretty please?

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Any specifications?

Well I was just looking for someone to battle first, then we’d hammer out the details.

But I was thinking someone who’s fairly proficient. Standard 1 min, 1 throw or w\e. I’m not too picky.


Not sure skill level, but I’ve been looking for a challenge.

I would be down but I’m saving my new stuff for an upcoming video. Would hate to spoil it :wink:

I’ll give it a shot, but I’m not much of a challenge…

I’ll do it my skill has gotten a little better nothing to techy tho lol

Shadowz you are going down, young man! YOU ARE GOING DOWN!

This is going to be awesome! I’ll see what I can do! ;D

Oh what the heck, I’ll give it a crack. Need some motivation to dust off the camera and tripod and get myself out of this funk I’ve been in lately.


I’ll try it out.

This has become a yoyo brawl! gets popcorn

I think a lot of people misunderstood me.

By ‘yoyo battle’, I meant that we all gather in a field and mercilessly smash each other with our return tops.


My reverbs are ready lol

To the death?

Well it wouldn’t be much of a battle if it weren’t…


We’re both from MI, but on opposite sides, so why dont we make it a joust? We’ll both run straight towards each other non-stop for however many days it takes and when we meet; ELIHOPTOTHEFACE.

Then we repeat that as many times as it takes till one of us dies!

Alright. Not so keen on the idea of getting hit in the face…

But if you might want to have a trick battle with videos and stuff like that, I’d take a go. :smiley:

That sounds like a perfect idea.

I would like to keep it to 2-3 people, depending when, IF EVER, Yuki PMs me back.