Great Idea!

I just had a great Idea. I thought, to have more fun yoyoing, everyone who has a camera can do this! 1st, find out what level you are, using this guide: (This isnt mine, thsi is from yoyonation forum, written by lilithbunny)

Since yoyoers of all skill levels look to these forums for shopping advice, I thought it might be helpful to break down the skill level descriptions into something that makes more sense than descriptors like “beginner, intermediate, etc.”  Both yo-yoing and yoyo technology have come a long way in recent years, and so the understanding of skill level has changed. Let’s face it, there are lots of different levels of “beginner” now. In this regard, I am attempting to provide a more concrete way of determining current skill level along with some of the most popular recommendations for equipment for each level.

For explanations and demonstrations of the different tricks and trick levels mentioned, please go to:

Player Levels 0 -10

Level 0: Has never thrown a yoyo before or isn’t sure about the “correct” way to throw a yoyo. “I’ve tried yo-yoing but couldn’t get it to come back up.”

Recommendations: An “automatic return” yoyo like the Yomega Brain or Duncan Pulse are good choices since they are inexpensive and designed to help “teach” proper throwing technique.

Level 1: This player knows how to tie a slip knot around their finger and proper “power throw” technique. They can get the yoyo to come back up and can catch it most of the time.

Recommendations: The automatic return yoyos are still a good choice, but this player would do well with a good ball-bearing yoyo, too. Reliable, simple yoyos like the YoYoFactory FAST 201 and YoYoJam ProJam are always good choices. The YoYoFactory Velocity would also be good, but I wouldn’t give it to young kids (about 8 or younger) since it has dials on the sides that might confuse them.

NOTE: Since the string that comes with the yoyo doesn’t last forever, it’s a good idea to BUY SOME EXTRA YOYO STRING!! Most players change the string after every few hours of solid play, so get a 100 pack if you’re going to be practicing a lot. Most players prefer 100% polyester or 50/50 poly/cotton since it is stronger and more durable than cotton.

Level 2-3: This player has mastered the “up and down” of yo-yoing and can now throw a good “sleeper” that can last at least several seconds.  The level 3 player is starting to do some basic sleeper-based tricks like “Eiffel Tower” or “Walk the Dog” and “Around the World” consistently.

Recommendations: The FAST 201 and ProJam are still good choices for this player, but they may soon “outgrow” it if they are a fast learner. Look for dependable yoyos that need little maintenance but are adaptable to higher levels of play. The YoYoFactory Velocity is still a great option since it is adjustable; another favorite is the YoYoJam Lyn Fury or Kickside, since they have a good shape for learning tricks and their o-rings can be easily swapped out for higher levels of play.

Level 4-5: This player can do most of the “classic” yoyo tricks like “Rock the Baby” and “Braintwister” easily, and can throw a hard, straight sleeper that spins for a long time. The level 5 player has crossed the biggest hurdle, and can do the basic mounts: Split Bottom Mount, Trapeze and (maybe) Double-or-Nothing.

Recommendations:  This player is on the verge of taking a big step up in play style and so it’s a good idea to get a yoyo that is adaptable. The Velocity, Lyn Fury and Kickside are still great choices for this player. They require more maintenance, but yoyos that use sticker response grow well with the player. The Duncan Freehand Zero (which almost everyone loves) and the Duncan Flying Squirrel are both great for learning more advanced string tricks. For those players willing to spend more for higher performance, the YoYoJam Hitman and X-Convict are much like the Lyn Fury and Kickside, but have metal rims for better spin.

NOTE: The next step after this is learning complicated string tricks and you want long spin times for that. YoYoJam Thin Lube is a good thing to buy now; it makes bearings spin faster and longer. If you get a sticker-response yoyo like the Freehand Zero, you’ll need extra stickers since they wear out eventually. For the Freehand Zero and Flying Squirrel, Kentaro Pads and Thin Dif Pads are popular, and last MUCH longer than Duncan’s brand of Friction Stickers. Get a selection of different pads and try them out to find the combination you like best.

Level 6-7: This player has mastered the basic mounts and is learning to do complicated string tricks that take a long series of steps to complete like McBride Coaster and Buddha’s Revenge. This is the time that many players learn the tricks that utilize specialized movements like Boingy-Boingy and Eli Hops. The level 7 player has learned how to Bind (a trick done to return a yoyo that won’t come back with a tug) and is now ready to graduate from the “Old School” tricks and learn the “New School” unresponsive style of play. (Whee!)

Recommendations for Level 6: It’s fine to stick with what you’ve got, but if you want to upgrade, a metal-rimmed YoYoJam like the Hitman, X-convict or Dark Magic has the long spin times and responsiveness (comes back with a tug) that you want. If you want to keep playing responsive, a drop or two of YoYoJam Thick Lube or Yomega Brain Lube in the bearing will do the trick if your yoyo stops coming back up.

Recommendations for level 7: If you have an adaptable yoyo (Aren’t you glad you got one? ), you can use thin lube on the bearing (with or without cleaning the bearing first) and change the response system to make your yoyo a great unresponsive player. If you have an o-ring response yoyo: for those who don’t mind messing with goo, flowable silicone is great, but silicone o-rings and Any O-pads are definitely easier to put in. For flush-mount sticker yoyos (like the Freehand Zero and Flying Squirrel), a pair of Chu Pads, a single Kentaro pad or a single Dif pad all work pretty well for an unresponsive setup.

NOTE: A pair of shims or larger spacers will make the gap of your yoyo larger, making it easier to layer lots of string in the gap during complex tricks.

Level 8: This player is comfortable with front and side style binding and is working on “Expert” tricks like Cold Fusion, which require accuracy and powerful throws. This player is ready to learn “New School” tricks like whips, grinds and slacks, which are MUCH easier to learn on an unresponsive yoyo.

Recommendations: An unresponsive setup plastic or metal-rimmed yoyo works really well. However, if you have the extra cash, go ahead and treat yourself… you deserve a metal yoyo. A metal yoyo won’t make you a better player, but they play really nicely and they’re awfully pretty. There’s a plethora of good metal yoyos out there, and there are new ones coming out all the time. When asking for recommendations, keep in mind what kind of yoyos you’ve liked in the past (size, weight, play speed, response system, etc) or try to find players near you and ask to try theirs. Some companies, like YoYoFactory and Dif-E-Yo have great reputations and it’s hard to go wrong with any of their most popular models: the 888, G5, Cross Bones, and Tank.

Level 9: These players are working on the well-known and very complicated “Master” tricks, developing combos and may even be inventing tricks of their own.

Recommendations: At this point, the player probably has a very good idea of what they do and do not like in a yoyo. I wouldn’t advise giving this player a gift of a yoyo without consulting them first.

Level 10: This player most likely has at least one trick named after them and a few awards under their belt. These players don’t do “tricks” really, but instead throw string around in mind-boggling ways that defy the laws of geometry.

Recommendations: Having achieved a sort of “Yoyoing Nirvana” these players are able to transcend the natural limitations of any yoyo they use.

***Disclaimer: This whole post only refers to the most common style of play, know as “string trick” or “1a style.” Other styles of play have very different skills to master and have different equipment needs.

::: Please let me know if any of this is wildly erroneous or is missing information. Thanks! :::

So I had an idea, for everyone with a camera. First, find out what level you are (I’m an 8, or like an 8.7) Then two people with a very similar level can video battle. We can make a poll for each video battle, and then the people of YYE vote for whose freestlye they thought was better!

What do you guys think!

And who wants to battle me? Im a 8.7

So, it’s just like any other video battle, but with the levels, right?

Yeah, so it will be determined who is as good as you

I’m a 8.4 on that scale!! ;D but I may not be able to video battle :frowning: but i’m learning fast. :wink:

So you dont have a camera? :-\

Also, I will take on any challenge!

^^ no, my dad has a camera that I can use.

I don’t have a camera that I can use and I’m not really good enough to perform a freestyle, but I’m at around level 7.

I hope you can use it

I know the saying is I will own you, but

You will own me! :stuck_out_tongue:

iv got a camera and I’m around a lvl 8.5 i thank. iv made 5 pretty good tricks up in all my time of yoyoing and i can handle my DM pretty easy. ill try to make a vid to battle some body’s. samad want to battle? later and keep it spinning.

DUDE!!Lets battle!

When you say freestyle video, do you mean, like, one continuous shot? Cause thats what I was thinking of, and after thinking it over a little, I am a 8.5.

I know this seems a little weird, but could André judge?

just wondering can you do Boomerang or Sesick maybe even Candyrain?

Boomerang, yes, but the other two, no

So I want to battle Robert, but who am I battling? Cause I already PM’ed him, unless we can battle two people

I dunno, but I like researching yo-yo’s and such and doing new tricks. but i’m still learning Doctor Strange. :frowning:

Can I battle 2 people?

Or you guys can go three way, if you want to.


i dont have a USABLE camera, but im still prrty good. im a 8 or 9 cant tell. i know all beginner to expert tricks except double suicide and black hops.
the only master level trick i can do is yuuki slack, and im really good at it.
so, am i a level 8 or am i a 9?

Well, I really want to battle Robert, so do you want to battle yoyoman?

Hey why don’t we have a The first YYE yoyo vid tournament? that would be great and like André always dose at contests he can do here. 1 vote from him count 10 points to that player and you get just 2 points from normal people. this was a great idea. later and keep it spinning.


Cause you made that up, can you make a thread about it and post the rules?

Do you want to ask André about this, or should I?