Here we go…




both very good tricks and nice magic trick at the end starscreem


I liked Brett’s video better. The tricks seemed to be more well-put.


I agree.

Starscreem’s tricks were amazing though.

(SR) #5

Agreed, his tricks seemed to flow smoother too. Good luck to both of you.


Fixed. :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]


Awesome magic trick at the end of the video Starscreem88! :o


Starscreems because there was no cut.


do yo guys know what the prize is yet


Nope, Brett will announced the price after this battle is over.

Happy Throwing! =]

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #11

I go with Starscreem cuz his vid was amazing, they both were. IMO it seems like people have a biast towards Brett cuz his camera is great and how the vid is put together but i think Starscreem is the better yoyoer in the video. Plus a big thing people pointed out is starscreem does uncut videos which is very impressive.


Wow starscream, that was impressive, you have my vote. Going into this i thought Brett would dominate but im quite surprised at how awesome all you other guys are. great job to both of you but starscream wins


Why would I dominate?

Im not that good, I voted for Starscreem :slight_smile:


idk cause youre you ??? lolz, well i think youre good

(yoyolvr<><) #15

starscreem hands down. all in one take, very impressive. good luck to both of you.

(Zach Smith) #16

Brett is so freakin smooth too.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #17

I do have to admit that Brett is always smooth.


starscream is doin all the new school and he is doing pretty much faster
ibanez is doin old school and does alot of whipping
but then starscream does two magic trick

(Waylon) #19

That was tough decision. Kudos to all the competitors.

(marcusWsteadman) #20

Awsome vid.