Xela vs Starscreem!

Xela: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRow5Oa76Cs&feature=channel_page

Starscreem88: http://vimeo.com/3792037

Also, Kim-Lan won the beginner battle :-\

Sorry about the blurry screen, my camera is 7 years old. :frowning:

Happy Throwing! =]

Sorry Starscreem I like Xela’s style better.

WOW! Starscreem88 is a bit faster than xela. I’m voting for Starscreem. :smiley:

Both Great! I think Xela matches the music and looks kinda smoother.

sorry starscreem, you cant compete with xela, thats why i tihnk this should have 3 divisions but whatever, good effort though

Starscream you are VERY good at yo-yoing. I have to say Xela did more smooth, more complicated tricks, and overal just good. You were smooth but not as smooth as Xela. You both have a good future in yo-yoing unlike Samad me.



my comment was in my opinion, you dont have to listen to me, i was stating what i think, steven said what i meant in better words

Have to agree with the majority. Starscreem, nice tricks, but you gotta gotta gotta get smooth. Xela’s video wasn’t as strong as I’ve seen some of his be, but my vote still goes to him. You did tricks (Applaud) but Xela’s got a style. Develop that and your gonna be great.

i think starscreem is gonna win, seems like more string hits. Xela has a cooler style, but not many string hits lol. But what i dont understand is: Why is kim-lan and xela fighting 2 times in a row? Shouldnt some other pair fight and the winners fight kim-lan and xela?

thanks guys!
nice tricks starscreem!
you right starscreem have more string hits, but more miss!lol
but i think he didn’t etited his video…
i etited mine…
it’s the game!!!

oh yeah. You’re right! He had more misses… Oh well lets wait for samad to do the judging.

I only got two misses, but I’m ok with it. Xela, I edited my own video.

Happy Throwing! =]

I’m turning into a Xela fan. I really like your videos Xela. You have a nice fluent and smooth style. And Starscreem did great too.

oh sorry Starscreem88 …
my english is bad…
what i mean when i say you didn’t edit your video is, for example i use 5 differents rec to make one vid.
you did a one shot! that is realy great!

Yeah, I made a simple video.

Happy Throwing! =]

Whoa. Both of you are very good. Better than me that’s for sure. (For now hehehe) Sorry Starscreem, I have to go with Xela. He is a lot smoother and his tricks are pretty interesting and appeals to the eye. (Not that your’s didn’t) I don’t know but I think that I saw the Triangle Mount very often and that was were you always seemed to land into and hold it for a few seconds. Xela, whoa. I have never seen some of those tricks before. They look fun. I am going to have to analyze that video more to learn them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not only string hits, but also about difficulty of tricks. After this judging, DocRobot will take control.


Im really torn here because both are good but starscreem did it all in one shot… I have no clue who to vote for :-[