The Battle Royale Voting Begins.

Well its 12am and we lost two already due to not having entries… We will let this run for 7 days then the person with the least amount of votes gets booted out of the battle.

In Case there is a tie for last place we will do a one throw tie breaker and a 24 hr Poll.

Yet to be announced but it will be good I promise you that :slight_smile: Im still talking to a few people.

and then there were four…





all of you were great but i could barely see your string shisaki. So i voted for samad but my second would have been brett

Shisaki’s string was invisible. lol, sorry, but it really was hard to see.

Samad’s…well, I felt I had seen the tricks before.

Its a tough race between Brett and Max.

I Kinda liked Bretts a bit more though, the way he put his tricks together ar just amazing.

My only reason for the vid was to own Jason and he said he had even worse quality so I kept the vid that way BUT he didnt get his vid done >:(. I lost but I dont care :stuck_out_tongue:

i vote for starscream88

Brett, your tricks were SICK!!! :o

man this is soooooo close but i have to go with samad, and brett in a very very close second

It’s not who comes first, it’s about the person that comes last.

Wow! you guys are great!

  1. Starscreem88

  2. Samad

  3. ibanezcollecter

  4. Shisaki

Yeah you guys really need to find a good backdrop for your videos, it was hard to see most of your strings. Just grab a dark sheet or something, pin it up behind you and voila. :slight_smile: Just a suggestion since it’ll help everybody see your tricks.

My order of contestants:

  1. ibanezcollecter
  2. samad
  3. starscreem88
  4. shisaki

Great videos all! :smiley:

I have to give it to Starscreem88. But Bret, you were very close.





Brett FTW

What is that supposed to mean?

teh person that comes last is eliminated from this round, everybody else goes onto round 2.

When the poll will finish/ end?

Happy Throwing! =]

September 26, 2009, 09:13:40 PM

Thanks! That date is another 2yo meeting! I probably won’t see the score on the last day.

Happy Throwing! =]

You’re welcome sir. You can always see the score the next day. :wink:

im screwed if I make it to the next round LOL… Thats the best I have hahahahaaha…

Time to start watching some videos :slight_smile: