(Alex Fairhurst) #1

Congratulations to HaruRay. Battling it out, and winning 5 TIMES IN A ROW. WOW!

This is no easy feat. And I would also like to congratulate the rest of our top 4. So congratulations to Keiran, Alex, and Julian. You guys were great!

A shout out to our gracious sponsors as well. YYE, MattB from YYSL, Gambit, and mrtheblackho for being very generous and offering up amazing prizes to our competitors.


  1. 1a only. Sorry everyone else. It’s a style almost everyone does and I think it would be weird to pit people doing different styles against each other.
  2. Videos are to be up to One Minute. One take only. You can throw the yoyo as many times as you feel is necessary to get your coolest tricks across. Just don’t go over one minute.
  3. Failure to submit your video on time will result in an automatic loss. Your opponent will advance to the next round. Please don’t enter if you don’t think you will be able to film.

User “Gambit” has agreed to purchase ANY yoyo up to 150$ directly from this store and have it shipped to the winner. THIS IS HUGE. Everyone say “Thanks, Gambit”

Second Place will be awarded a lovely hot pink X3 La Goutte straight from my collection. She has a few marks on the rims, but still plays fantastically.

To whomever gets third place. You will be receiving a very very very near mint YYF Yuuksta, Once again, straight from me.

User “mrtheblackho” has also agreed to donate a C3 token. This will go to whoever the skilled person is that acquires a very exemplary 4th place. Thanks, Taylor.

ALSO, Andre, the big man himself. Has agreed to give each member of the top 4 a 10$ YYE gift code. Thank you so much, Andre!

For places 5th through 8th. You will be receiving a tube of ammo as well as a pack of type x string from YYSL. Thanks to Matt B for the very generous donation.

Matt will also be drawing a name at random from the people who lose out in the first round. The winner will also receive a tube of ammo and a pack of Type X. Matt is so cool!


Ill join! Im no good but I like the concept of a tournament, so Ill take a shot. The more the merrier!


I’d definitely do this. Sounds like a really cool idea. Now that I have that first battle under my belt, I feel like I know what I’m doing more and can step it up. I’m interested.


im in it to win it

(Alex Fairhurst) #5

Lmao. I like the confidence. Good luck!

(UmeNagisa) #6

I have free time now.
I just filmed my entry
and I am SOOO Gonna join this!
I got a lot of new material to show off!


Sign me up!

(UmeNagisa) #8

When should I upload it and send to you?

(Alex Fairhurst) #9

Well right now I’m just taking submissions. Once I get a full list of participants I will request a link to everyone’s Youtube channel through PM. This way I can watch videos and make an accurate bracket based off the skill levels I observe.

I will update the thread once I have a bracket ready and will post a deadline for entries for the first round.

(UmeNagisa) #10

Ill upload it as unlisted for now then :slight_smile:


Is it going to be like best vs. worse or are you going to match up so skill levels are pretty even?

(Alex Fairhurst) #12

Best vs. worst in the beginning. Like a sports bracket. This will keep the battles in the later rounds more interesting.


Alright Im screwed haha :smiley:


I’m in


Ill do it, but ill lose


I’m in


Ill do it, but when would I need the video done?

(Alex Fairhurst) #18

WOW! 11 entries already! Hopefully there will be enough demand for us to go the full 32.

Not sure. Once I get a full list of participants I can just go hard making the bracket that day (Or next, depending on the time) Once the bracket is done I will allow 2 days for people to submit entries. My rough estimate is ~3 days


Count me in, good way to take a study break this week


I’ve seen some of you peeps throw before, and i am obviously outclassed here…