Over 1 Year QUALIFIER Results are in!!!

Yeah!!! I’m so excited for this. The general rules for the qualifier was that all competitors were to create a video showcasing their skills within a time window of 25-45 seconds. No edits were allowed besides music and a title. Voters will vote on their top 8 favorite videos, which will proceed to the official 1st round of battles. The 8 best will be reveal a week after the voting has commenced (Which will be July 22 BTW). With that being said lets get ready to RUMBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Good Luck to All :slight_smile:







Raptor T.:






yaaayy!! Everyone is looking super good, this should be fun! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Whelp, I lost! Good luck to everybody else!! :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone

Holy heck.
I really should have used a better trick.
WELP, it’s okay.
Good luck yallz.
Zigzag? Shadowz?
One of you guys is gonna win.

And Qwertyo? That last bind was so slick…

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gg no re

Well, I lost…

Zigzag… Wow. :o

For the mobile users

Yes I should’ve come up with a new trick as well, but a funny part was that I came up with an amazing new trick right AFTER I finished the video and I was too lazy to redo it

Good luck to all of you guys:-)

Why aren’t any of the results showing?
Is it bc I’m on my phone?
Or is the poll done, so only at the end of the week it will show the results?

They show results after poll closes

It’ll show after the end of the week. Thought about adding some suspense to the first round.

What did you guys think of the entries?

You’re lucky I got hippos, or else he wouldve malled all of yall :wink:

Haha thanks again :smiley:

can you give us an update with the top 3 at the moment?

Even I can’t see it… :stuck_out_tongue: The suspense is killing me too, but I have some new stuff to do if I get into the next round, which I feel like im at the borderline of making it.

I dont think he even sees the scores yet

EDIT: dang it lefty xD

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Dude im a step ahead of you :wink:

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