The YYE Holiday Throwdown / Poetry Slam


Hey guys! Here’s the official thread for the new Swiss-style tournament that im organizing for the holdays. Feel free to discuss the rules, strategies, or even any predictions you guys have.

I’m also going to post any rule changes and updates in this thread. As of now, I’m going to keep the registration open until Christmas Day. After that, I’m going to PM everyone on this list to verify their participation. After that, all your names go into a random generator where the matchups will be determined.

Bracket- (Shoutout to Andy569 for making the bracket)

30 second videos for all the rounds except for the semi and final
Competitors may reuse material for each round
No edits except for a title and music

The First Round Videos are due by MLK Day

The deadline for Loser’s bracket Round 1 and Winner’s Bracket Round 3 will be March 2
Please PM the Winner’s bracket vids to me and the Loser’s bracket vids to Andy569


Excited for this :smiley:


ill join


So excited. Can’t wait to see who I am paired up with.


Sooo psyched!


I want ‘myself’ to win ;D


I can see this going in many directions depending on who is paired with who in the first round

PS. Who’s on your list of people to face?


My routine for the first round is going to depend on who I’m facing…


I want to battle Abby and Kclegume… NAME FAIL<




Maybe Maddog or Zorro. Know those guys through the forums, haven’t seen them yoyo at all! I’d like to see what they’ve got :wink:


Maddog’s made videos… but Zorro is all talk :wink:


My list-


I’d like a rematch with andy569 after that Under 1 Year Battle.

baerinatux would be neat to face but I’d probably lose, same goes for kclejeune.

redneckyoyoer382 may or may not be a close battle

LeftyLink or GoCrazyForYoyo would be cool matchups too


Excited for this! Hope I do decently well, as opposed to the last battle I did. :stuck_out_tongue:


You would sweep the floor with me… again… LOL i havent improved that much…


You would beatmost of the people on that list. Including me haha


Maybe, but the 3 people im worry about facing are Baerinatux, nardcopter, and kclejeune



I plan on dominating this battle. Then go on to YoYoExpert. Then I will take over the world.


I’ve never done one of these. Pretty excited! Wow I’ve never seen anyone use this feature haha. You guys should totally check it out. Anyway, I’m nothing to worry about.


He is playing the “don’t worry about me” card ;D haha