YYE Throwdown Round 1

Hey guys! Well it’s finally here- the YYE Throwdown. Vote for your favorite competitors on the poll above.
PS if your name is not on the poll it’s because your opponent failed to submit a video so you are automatically entered into Round 2 which includes
Newbies United
If you 3 want to enter a new video for Round 2 you are welcome to, but if not, I will be showing your Round 1 videos in Round 2

The bracket-

I will keep the poll up for a week. In the meantime the seeds for Round 2 should begin to prepare their video
Anyways to the videos!!!








Erik Kerber-

J Singh 2K-

It’s only allowing you to vote for one person not multiple.

Working on it but i locked voting until i can get this fixed

Awesome its up how many days are the people are able to vote?

1 week and the voting was fixed

Sweet, thanks for getting this up so quick.

Good luck, everyone :slight_smile:

Also, to those who move onto the next round. PLEASE wear a dark Tshirt and use bright string. A lot easier to see the tricks that way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Darn I’m screwed :stuck_out_tongue:

eh at least you know whats going to happen to you its really close between J Singh 2K and i which reall has me on the set of my pants if im going though or not.

not really you have double the votes against j singh 2k

I can’t see the votes. What are the current tallies?

Vote for the people you want and after voting the results should be visible for you

I thought the rule was 30 seconds or less. Because of this, I voted for those who were closest to staying inside the time limit.

This means:
Actually, the only matchup with both players staying the time limit is Finch and Nardcopter. I voted for Finch on this one for the cool flowing trick. Nardcopter’s trick was good, but because of the background I couldn’t catch everything because it blended in with the string.
I voted for Mazdarx7fd for a couple of reasons. 1) I liked the angle better than Mr.nightshadow95, 2) his trick(s) seemed smoother to me, and 3) the time limit again.
Between offstring-stewart and baerinatux, I took baerinatux because of the time limit. His video, imo, was a little better though.
Between J Singh 2K and Abby1371, I go for Abby. 1) yes, time limit, 2) I like the gopro angle, 3) I don’t really care for the vids with just yoyo shots. I like it extended out farther so you can see who it is. 4) J Singh 2K spent a lot of time for an intro.

So, those are my votes. Boy, I wish I were competing. Could you vote for yourself?

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I was loose about that because everyone’s yoyoing didnt exceed 30 seconds

Okay, well, that’s part of how I cast my votes (see my edited post above). Although, everybody I voted for not only had stayed within (what I thought was) the time limit, imo had the better vid as well.

  1. that isn’t a gopro its a contour roam 2 but they have the same idea except the contour is cheaper by $200.
  2. when i put it into youtube it must have added a second because it was 30 seconds on my computer
  3. I’m not an editing wizard so i just use raw shots because it takes me like 20 minutes just to put music on a video

Lol next time I’ll go outside in daylight my camera is weird and takes really nice video in daylight but inside the video is kinda okay. I must be prepared lol.

Really great entries!

Well,m I figured I was losing. Still…Half these guys with their slack. -_- I need to stop getting nervous when I record. Good luck to all~

  1. I see
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. That happens to me all the time.
  3. It takes me longer to be able to edit the video. One of the reasons I backed out. I will be going strong for Round 2 though.