YYE Throwdown FINALLLLLLSSSSS (For reals)


Well it’s time for this drawn out battlefest to end  :smiley: Thanks to all who participated each and everyone of you who participated made this just that much better. Here’s a link to the brackets if you want to see how each person progressed. http://challonge.com/YYEHolidayThrowdown

And now to the videos!!!




I don’t think it could be any closer. But I choose Andy this time ftw. His string was more visible and he had music. But nice job Lefty for the smooth combos.


Lefty, Please Make your string more visible
Your combos look great, but not being able to see the string is kinda :S


Dang this is a close one. In this video I can see that lefty’s style is very similar to mine. There are a lot of tricks in there that are similar to some of mine and even some stuff I was considering doing in my vid but left out. In these 2 videos alone I can already see 2-3 tricks from both of us that were pretty similar. I guess we both have inspiration from similar players ;D

With that said Im glad I dont have to shoot any more vids for this. Ive been wanting to make a full 2-3 minute video with all new material. I make 1 or 2 tricks up every week and this contest has been sapping all of my new material for months haha :smiley:


That’s not that unusual. A lot of players do the same tricks. Eventually you start breaking away and forming your own tricks. Btw, I’m going Andy. I personally think his tricks would score higher in a contest (and he did have music).


Keep on hatin’ :wink: School started by up so I filmed this in a rush. I could’ve definitely done better with the string thing but i cant find anything dark for a backdrop. But it’s all good Andy definitely deserves every vote thats he’s getting.


Good job both of you, but let me say something. Even though the quality of Andy was way higher than that of lefty people should still look at the tricks and the style they liked more and define a voting preference based on those. The things people were saying were an extra eye or ear candy for your delight, but it should not be taken into consideration when coming up with a vote. Just my 2 cents.


I agree that the quality of the camera (240p, 360p, 480p, etc.) should not be taken into account. But… if you were to go up on stage at a contest with a white shirt, white string, white yoyo, and white backdrop, you would probably get 0 points just because the judges wouldn’t be able to see the tricks, and you wouldn’t deserve any points because you did not take the time to give the judges sight. And music use is a category at contests.


I know the old folks contest clearly stated that music and video quality should not be considered in the vote, but rules were not stated here, so I just judge how I normally judge.




What happens if it’s a tie? :o


I’m kind of confused about the finals. How does it work? Wasn’t there already 1 battle and leftylink won? or is it best out of three? In that case andy winning would cause a 3rd round. Someone want to explain?

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If Andy wins this round Andy wins it all.

People make excuses for why there videos don’t come out well, but it’s not really hard to make a good video. It really doesn’t take up to much time either. (Unless there’s like 50 takes) Free video editing apps are available if you’re using a phone.

I wish people would be like “hey I really didn’t put much planning into this video. It more about the tricks to me.” Instead of straight up answers we get excuses. This probably comes off as mean, but this is just how I feel. Take it however you want. School is school. Being in AP classes during my time in HS was fun, but it was also hard work. That didn’t have an affect on my videos though.


It’s a double elimination tourney. I made it to finals withouy losing any battles while lefty already lost 1. Lefty beat me last round so that was my 1st loss. Now we’ve both lost once so whoever wins this wins the whole thing


Tiebreaker. 1 more day to vote, all votes reset


Ok I see


I say whoever does the longest finger grind wins… I’m joking haha but this should be interesting if it ends in a tie.




A tie could be decided with judges, I mean like real judges that would tell who really should win.


Nah I don’t have it anymore, someone offered me $80 for it a while ago, although I loved the Movitation, it was too good to pass up. I plan on getting that Eternal Throw Elysian though haha