YYE Throwdown Semis


Winner’s Bracket


Loser’s Bracket

Witlessone (Disregard anything past :30 if you want)-


Gotta admit I’m feelin a little nervous about this one, probably my worst submission yet. The routine seemed a lot better in my head :smiley:

Let’s see how this goes…


insert awkward door screech

Videos were awesome


Any thoughts/opinions?


Let’s hear yours :smiley:


Once I have access to a computer sure


Your routine was really good, it was cleaner than mine.

(Erik Kerber ) #8

Awesome video’s :smiley:


Thanks it means a lot coming from someone as good as you :smiley:


Go placeholder lol


Anyone have individual thoughts on each video?

(Amplified) #12

I liked lefty’s tricks, but his video could have been better.
Andy’s was loaded with lots of different material.
Witlessone did fine and I think he deserved more votes.


Yeah my iphone 4S is not the best video camera out there, and that’ll probably be the best video ill get in a while because i was on a college campus and had some rather fabulous lighting. I’ll see if my new phone will be able to do better though :wink:


Hey, I use my iphone 5 for all my vids, it’s all goooood :smiley:

(Amplified) #15

I used my iPhone 4s for the video for this round. I guess it’s more about if you care about presentation. If it’s more of a secondary thing to you then it shows. It’s all good though… :slight_smile:


In all honesty I think the words you gave lefty would be better suited for me lol

Maybe it’s because of the doors opening halfway through his vid but with pretty much all my vids it’s pretty much one of 2 places in my house :smiley:


And it was in a college campus; I was gonna constantly get interrupted but its all good.

(Amplified) #18

Yeah I guess it’s all about where you choose to film. :confused:


My prediction is Andy as the winner.

Although I voted for GCFY because his awesome flowy style.

Then Lefty for losers bracket, because I just liked his combo more.


Only so much I can do in 30 seconds :smiley:

I plan on adding a full technical combo for my 1 minute final(assuming I make it)