YYE Throwdown Winners Round 3

First things first, Newbies United will go on by default because baerinatux failed to submit a video.

Onto the videos


Kclejeune-(Deja Vu)



ooohhhh, this is gonna be a goooood round ;D

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Seems like some people are pissy about me reusing a video.

People, please vote based on my actual throwing and not the fact that I reused a video I thought was very well done and wanted to use.


Who did YOU vote for?

Witlessone… I chose not to vote on your group… hehe :stuck_out_tongue:



déjà vu

I don’t really want to pick who I’m going to battle against next round so yea ;D

Hahahaha I considered not voting because of this.

Yea… I don’t want to vote for who I think is better cuz that decision could end me next round ::slight_smile:

And it would be unfair to pick who I thought was worse lol

I just picked who I thought was better.

I feel like the best person is going to win in the end anyway, so I might as well be honest and vote for them :wink:

I liked your video you had some really good tricks

Thank you. I chose to go for a more showy style in this rather than just straight tricks.

Quite a few battles so far in the throwdown have been really close. The suspense must be killing you guys :smiley:

Nah. I get the feeling I’m going to lose. I think people wanted a more technical type video that constantly had tricks, rather than a flowy showy one like mine with some pauses.

I don’t know about that its still super close

Man this is so close

I think that witlessone should win this one