YYE Throwdown Round 2

First things first, we have 4 people who will be moving on by default because their opponents did not submit a video. The people who will be progressing will be

On to the videos






Newbies United-



Wow again?

You lucky taco -_-

Dang! Oh well, Im happy to be moving on. But I enjoy the competition. Crococorey and Newbies United I look forward to facing either of you after this round :slight_smile:


That means I’m seeded into semi finals right? Which means I can’t just reuse this video lol

Well if you want to you can reuse your videos

3-4 for me…come one guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I guess i’m no match for the almighty powers of andy :smiley:

Wow these are awesome. I was overwhelmed at such talent, good job guys (Y).

Great Job Guys I Had A Hard Time Picking My Favorites

I think it’s quarter finals. But it’s double elim so it’s not even quarters lol

It’s fun being a spectator for these types of things.

One thing I’d like to say to Abby is never have the camera facing your light source. I had a hard time seeing what you were doing.

I shouldve eased back a little. I don’t think I have something better next round

Finch, (it’s the swaying :D) video is a little bit better quality and I prefer your tricks over LeftyLink’s.
Andy569, amazing horizontal, great stuff. Love the video
Crococorey, 1) time limit, 2) I like the tricks better
Abby1372, your video does not have as good a quality as witlessone, but your trick(s) were really good.

Those are my votes.

I am up against you next round an I like that we are both fast.

i feel like this is gonna be really close again

It’s the way of the asian :wink:

But you’re definitely faster than me :smiley:

Lefty you should add mine to this post so it isn’t completely unnoticed hahaha. I spent like an hour making it perfect XD

Not gonna put it in the OP to avoid confusion, but here it is-

Please add mine too. :smiley: