Alright guys, this is the YYE Throwdown Finals. VOTE VOTE VOTE!




Any thoughts or opinions?

(Amplified) #3

Could you take the s out of the https on lefty’s video?


It’s been out :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah everything looks embedded and organized to me

(Amplified) #6

I’m on mobile. The s remains.

(Erik Kerber ) #7

I found it reall hard to choose between these 2


wow, surprised to see the results. Thought it would be more even than that!


I know right :stuck_out_tongue:

(Erik Kerber ) #10

ea that’s what I thought too.

(Amplified) #11

I think there’s going to be a Part II.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to win this round but I thought I’d be doing better then this :smiley:






I thought Andy’s video was cleaner and more enjoyable to watch but when I saw lefty’s horizontal stuff i had to give him my vote.

Nice job to the both of you.


Andy,imo, i think you went to hard on your first couple of videos xD
I think you should’ve saved some of those tricks for your finale.

LeftyLink’s horizontal stuff was pretty amazing, Good job to both of you!


Well I never expected to get this far ::slight_smile:

I actually had a much better routine but I couldn’t hit it so I was like screw it. Also I wanted to prove to myself I could win without doing a horizontal combo and/or fingerspin combo. I guess it’s not working out to well xD

On the bright side I have 2 chances since it’s double elimination so I’ll go more hardcore next round.


hardcore>Not hardcore


Last chance to get your votes in and share your opinions!