Video Battle Royale! Second half of round 1!

(Alex Fairhurst) #1

Second half of round 2 is up! Voting is the same as last time Except you only have 5 votes this time.

Special thanks to those who failed to submit videos. You’re making this easier on me, the voters, and your potential opponent. Maybe read the thread next time you register for something to keep track of deadlines.

Next time I do something like this your actual first round video will be required before I add you to the tournament bracket. I don’t like having holes in the bracket because some random haphazardly registered for something and failed to come through. In case you didn’t notice I’m calling out these people:


Rant is over now. Enjoy these videos from some very talented yoyoers. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites  ;D

JulianG22 v. YOYOSR2PRO


Thanks to YOYOSR2PRo for stepping in and filling a huge hole in the bracket.

Offstring-stewart v. Joeybob

Both failed to submit on time. At least Stewart tried. Winner of the battle above this gets to breathe easy for the second round.

Newbies United v. tjz1021

tjz1021 failed to submit. Newbies United advances.

aznnboyaZ v. Hendy



yomagic v. LeftyLink



Alex Fairhurst v. Apollo22

Alex Fairhurst:


Nemyo v. yoyojoe

Both failed to submit. Congrats to whoever wins the battle below this. They get an easy round 2 matchup against no opponent.

Djsplatt44 v. throwrw




Wow Joey and Alex you guys amaze me…


Huh well i lost…

If this becomes an annual thing, then maybe next year i might progress through round 1. Now back to training wax on, wax off.


holy moly this second half is nuts! Aside from the 4 missing…

edit: 5 actually my bad

(2Sick Joey) #5

Throwrw: Wow! I was impressed by yours alot and when I seen Keiran was up against you I counted you out without knowing your style but yours was the one I voted for! Awesome Job.

Alex: I love you man! You rock

Leftylink: you got some good stuff going on in there, keep it up

Everyone else: AWESOME! This is fun haha


I don’t know whether I should vote for Wilson or myself…

EDIT: I decided just to abstain from voting on my matchup.


I give the whole round to throwrw. I love the shrug at the end. :wink:


XD thats hilarious

(UmeNagisa) #9

How the heck. Did you not beat me…


I honestly couldn’t objectively decide which one of us was better. I think we were close (maybe I 'm just too confident).
EDIT: Losing 4 to 11. Guess not everyone thought the same as me XD


well I lost :expressionless:


I thought y’all were close too. I gave it to you, because aznnboyaZ cut his head off worse in the vid. Both were very good.

(UmeNagisa) #13

Well, Yeah. I thought it was close.I Wonder xD

And Regarding my head, Did you want to see my face? haha :slight_smile:

(Alex Fairhurst) #14

I do stupid things with my face when I’m focusing. So you hardly see my mug in videos.


I needed some factor to decide a winner. I didn’t want to vote for the placeholder. ;D


I. lost.

I was in to much of a hurry :-\


No offense throwrw, but I expected Keiran to blow you out. And to be honest, I’m almost disappointed with what he Keiran put out. You’re entry was great though. :slight_smile:

Just makes things more interesting in the end I guess. :smiley:


Are you left handed?


Haha no offence taken… I haven’t really put out an videos at all recently and I’ve gotten a lot better. So I’m assuming most people thought I was going to automatically lose because I was up against Keiran, which is understandable because keiran is a boss, but i wont go down without a fight!!!


I voted for you throwrw, awesome stuff!