Battle Royale! Round 2!

(Alex Fairhurst) #1

Round 2. Things are heating up. You know the drill. 6 votes each.


StrippedAxle v. rdeleon 975:



Sanchez202 v. YoYoJordan:



HipposLoveCereal v. Chase Baxter:


Chase Baxter

HaruRay v. mrtheblackho:



Newbies United v. aznnboyaZ:

Newbies United


Yomagic v. Alex Fairhurst:


Alex Fairhurst:



Hey Josh I couldnt tell. Are you at the zoo or in africa?


I wasnt sure if I shouldve voted for my opponent, its going to be close. Whatever, best of luck to all.


Well, I lose. :stuck_out_tongue: Good fight AznnboyaZ, Lol. Even I had to vote for you. Great videos, everyone! This will be interesting


DOnt be so sure yet! But good job to everybody!


Ouch, nvm:)


Welp… Sanchez, you son of gun, that was sick! Although I wish you didn’t kill the flow at the end with just whip after whip :stuck_out_tongue: BYE EVERYONE!


I voted for ya :o yur my only vot thats losing right now, COME ON YU GOT THIS


I wasn’t kidding when I said I was rooting for you, Wilson. However, I took a good long look at both vids and I had to be honest, you didn’t really blow me away like I was expecting. Maybe it was just personal preference in regards to style, but I had to give the vote to Newbies. I didn’t want to treat this like a popularity contest. Anyway, I still wish you, and everyone else, the best of luck in the rest of the battle!

(Alex Fairhurst) #10

lol someone voted for the placeholder again




I’m a little bit surprised actually. I wasn’t sure if submitted a good enough combo. We’ll see how this turns out it a few days. May the better person win :slight_smile:

(UmeNagisa) #13

Still holding back. I Want to go all out starting with Juliang (Assuming i make it that far.)
then if i make it past him. It Get tougher.
Joey, Alex, or Um… Djsplat. Sorry I don’t want to butcher his name xD

Those people are gonna be so hard.

And Wondering if i can make it past them. And see if i can hit Josh… (Hes gonna be one heck of a challenge when he goes all out)


Placeholders are boss… Put one in the final and watch it win 100-0-0 xDl


wow, guys. Just wow. The competition is reeeeaaalllly heating up. I had to watch the Sanchez/ YoYoJordan videos like twice before voting. Awesome job everyone. :slight_smile:


Hey Guys! I just spent a lot of time getting down the perfect take for round 3, only to realize it is 45 seconds long. I asked Alex and he seemed ok with it but i wanted to ask what everyone else thought. Alex said the 30 second rule is more of a guideline so that voters dont have to waste a ton of time watching a ton of long videos. But now that there are a lot less people I dont think the rule is as strong. What do you guys think?


15 seconds isnt a big deal. I dont mind as a voter. I wont bias due to you haveing a longer video.


Alex… that was insane. Flip… :o

(2Sick Joey) #19

Alex is destroying me! I honestly wasn’t expecting to lose this bad haha! We have such different styles that most people tend to have appeal to the slacks. That’s my boy and I’m rooting for him to make finals


Totally different styles. Not exactly an extensive review, but here’s one thing I said to someone about yours:

"Man, I just LOVE this video. Yomagic is smooth as ".

Alex provided some insane competition, though. Against a few of the other players, you’d probably be in a commanding lead. (Bad) luck of the draw! So just remember that every single one of those votes was probably on the fence and then leaned slightly towards Alex, which is giving a skewed perspective on how much people loved your video!