BATTLE ROYALE! First half of round 1


Here is the first half of the bracket for round 1. Each user is allowed to choose 6 options when voting. Each pairing of people battling it out has been separated by a placeholder. It’s simple, just pick who’s video you like more from each separate battle, click next to their name, and vote.


StrippedAxle v. J Singh 2k

J Singh 2k failed to submit. StrippedAxle gets a free win. I think we all know how this one was gonna turn out anyways.

rdeleon975 v. Shadowz143



Sanchez202 v. iyoyo58



YoYoJordan v. yoyokid8



HipposLoveCereal v. andy569


I’m not sure how to embed videos from photobucket, but here’s a link to his vid:
Explore Andy Nguyen

cbaxt98 v. yoing4lyfe



HaruRay v. YOYOR2PRO

YOYOSR2PRO failed to submit. HaruRay gets to advance. No surprise here.

mrtheblackho v. abby1371



Wow, I lost.

Dude, me too, I’m in no way a match against rdeleon975, but guess what? It’s life. :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, my votes on you :). At least you stand a chance! ::slight_smile:

Yup, i lost… 5-1 already, the one vote i had may or may not have been from me ::slight_smile:

Aw Man! My YouTube wasn’t working! But anyways, even if I did upload, StrippedAxle would have won. Nice video man!

Btw people, don’t make this a popularity contest. Please vote for the person with the better skill and or overall better video. Editing and stuff can make a huge difference in what I vote for as well as skill.

Shadowz is doin well in the poll. Yoyokid has some nice tricks. A little cleaner and you would have a lot more votes.

Im pretty sure yoyokid posted the same vid a while back on the videos section…

Dang… 10-1… And hippos had like 3 takes and i had like 100 :o

Says you video is private.

I honestly haven’t watched any of these until just now. Sanchez is my overall favorite. Rafael is really good, too.

yoyokid8 did post that video in a separate battle. That is in bad taste.

Should be disqualified :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah. Too late to DQ. I think that is taking it a bit far anyways. I’m sure it’ll work itself out.

I actually had the hardest time picking between you two. I ended up going with you, because personally I’m more of a sucker for smooth and slow combos.

Really? I honestly think Rdeleon975 is a lot better than me. :stuck_out_tongue: I wish him the best of luck! :smiley:

You have a style that appeals to a lot of people. You’re smooth:) maybe not the most insane complicated tricks, but the style is there for sure. I had no doubt you would be stiff competition.

Wow, thanks! I mean, not doing technical tricks is what appeals to me. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t really know why. :stuck_out_tongue: You have a great style too! I really need to learn more technical tricks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to be repetitive, but based on what I’ve seen today I’m definitely going to need to prepare my rear end for some spectacular whoopage.

Im losing by the largest margin :’(