What up people?

Hay everybody, I have been reading these forums for a while and I finally decided to join. I hope I’m a pain in the butt to everybody. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially to Samad. ::slight_smile:

Ha welcome to YoyoExpert. Hope you enjoy it a ton. And it’s nice to see somebody else with a sense of humor ;D Feel free to ask any questions that you need answer to, but one thing: please read the rules, especially concerning grammer and punctuation, and please try to stay away from “which one sleeps longer” posts (a pet peeve of mine).

Thanks a lot Apetrunk! I hope to be making my first yoyo video soon, so look out for it! ;D

Sounds great. You have 15 minutes to have it done or you’re going to do 100 pushups for me ok? :stuck_out_tongue: Well good luck with your yoyoing and your video. Hopefully it’ll be up soon ;D

Welcome! I’m sure that you are some kind of uber pro right? ::slight_smile: Have you met Samad on another forum?

I havn’t met Samad yet. I just know about him cause I have been reading this site for a while.

LOL, far from it, but I hope to be really good some day. I’m almost done with the tricks on this site. Ladder escape and Yuuki slack are the only ones I can’t get. I have kind of given up on those and I am focusing on making up my own tricks right now.

Haha superman has always bugged me with the last pop >:( Don’t give up on Ladder escape though, its got very good elements that are very useful in making your own tricks.

Woo awesome!
Glad to have you here ;]

welcome to yoyoexpert!

I like you already :slight_smile:

Anyway, feel free to bug me :smiley:
If you ever have any questions and concerns, feel free to ask!


Can you say…

Ninja Recruit?

Nah, I’m not recruiting ninjas until I know David’s coming back to California. (David’s one of my best friends. He recruited me as a ninja and we attended the ninja academy together.)

If David isn’t coming back to Cali, I won’t be a ninja anymore. Because if he doesn’t come back, then I’ve lost two of my closest ninjas - Him, and Katie.


Welcome to YoYoExpert!

Welcome to YoYoExpert! I know you’ll have loads of fun here.

I remember, I did the same thing before I joined. I always used to just lurk around as a guest. But since I joined, I found that I really like it here! Thanks everyone, for making this a worthwhile community! :slight_smile:

I want to thank everybody for being so welcoming. :slight_smile:

That’s what we do ;D

What? :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoops. Thanks! ;D

Oh and mattsk8nike, whats over 9000?