i yoyoed today for the first time in a few months


and i got a knot. lol yoyoing is hard.

The elusive General Yo

HE’S BACK!!! :o :o :o :o :o


At least you can still throw it…Or can you? :o

(laxdude99) #4

did you quit general yo?

The elusive General Yo

Welcome back man. :slight_smile:

And I got about 10 knots today, on my normal practice.

(Q) #6

Go away


stop trolling.



(SR) #9

Jensen is back, Samad is back, everyone is back! :smiley:

Long time, no see!

(Q) #10

You really wanna try that?

(I’d think twice)


Ok, Samad is back, this should be a happy time, try not to start a fight. And great to have you back.

(Q) #12

Samad should go away.

(Nautilus) #13

Q i think your jealous

(Q) #14

Nope. Just think he should go away.


why man? Samad is uber helpful, and a funny guy :slight_smile:

(Q) #16

I like him better at a distance.


yep. i quit yoyoing for the most part, so i dropped my sponsorship.

it’s funny cuz q’s.

The elusive General Yo
(Q) #18

<3 You Sammy.


Only 10???

(Waylon) #20

I was wondering if you were still around.