Hay Samad...

Does he not come on much anymore? This is a question regarding someone on YYN with the name emoelmoisawesome… I’m just hoping Samad sees this post…

Emol whatever-his-name-is was on here too.

He comes on, just probably not as much as he used to.

Any one saw his vids on the tube…he looks weird…better yet he shows off his yoyo collection…maybe some of those yoyos belong to people…stupid scamers

I don’t think he will come on the yoyoing websites anymore. He even closed down his YT!

He seems to scared to show his face. I would too, if I were him. I actually haven’t seen him on here at all since he joined.

I’m kinda glad he isn’t in the yoyo community anymore… He scammed my BvM from me… Someone who knows his mom is trying to get it back though…

Would it be wrong for me to go to his house and kick him the the nuts so hard that it goes into his brain?


Wait, I thought he was talking about Samad not being on here. Samad has nothing to do with this topic, so please edit it out of the title. Thanks.

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I might suggest you remove this, it’s unnecessary and inappropriate. We’ve already discussed this issue as well in a previous thread, removed now though i believe.

I would love you to do that. If he has any :wink:

yes he does. he is looking for samad to ask him a question about emoelmo. samad is the one who made the initial post about emoelmo. it MIGHT belong in a pm, but hey, you posted on here, too. its a forum for crying out loud.


You’re hilarious Samad.

But really guys… Enough bashing is enough… I know the guys a creep but this will lead to three pages of emoelmo hatin’ and will just be a scar of the face of our lovely boards…

And you spelled HEY wrong

Yeah, this should have been left to a PM. Still not sure what Samad has to do with this though. Most of us could have and did answer your question.

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You’ve got to be kidding me… Why is everyone on YYE like this?

BTW is there anyway to take back a “Thank You”? I accidently gave this guy one instead of a quote.

Didn’t I address that Samad knows this guy from YYN? Samad also met this guy at a yoyo contest.

Oh ok then. That makes more sense.

Yoyoguy1994, there isn’t a take-back-thank-you button because then people would go crazy with it.

And the reason we are “like this” is because we have young kids here.


I actually haven’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

But are you gonna kick this guy in the nuts? Cuz if you do, please videotape it. ::slight_smile:

But are you gonna kick this guy in the nuts? Cuz if you do, please videotape it. ::slight_smile:
I’m not going to Florida anytime soon, but if I do… If I see him at a yoyo contest I will also do it. I’m dead serious, if I ever meet this kid, he is gonna be sorry.

Haha you guys are…hilarious wow ::slight_smile: