Wow. Just heard somewhere that Samad has been banned! Anybody know what he did?

NO WAY??!??

I had a weird dream with Samad in it. We yoyoed at beach underwater. ;D

I seriously tend to doubt Samad has been hit with the banhammer.

Where, exactly, did you hear that? Or are you kidding?

A friend of his was using his computer and posted something that got him banned - It was across IP and host name which ended up kicking Samad off too - I removed most of the ban items but still trying to figure it out. Don’t worry he isn’t banned and will be back soon. :wink:

Yeah. It was supposed to be a joke. He told me about it over AIM. :stuck_out_tongue:



Wow. Really? That’s a mean friend. Poor Samad, I can see him having YYE withdrawal.

And… I’M BACK!

And DocRobot is too? Wowzers Robert, its been a while. In fact, its been so long that I’ve already gotten someone who reminded me of you and has become my favorite person on the forum. (His name is JM)

Man, this place is too good to ever leave.

Welcome back samad I would hate to lose the forums most inportant person!!! :slight_smile:

Whoa. I just realized that too!!!

Amen to that brother

that was the first docrobot post i’ve ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:

Confusion! ;D

He’s back, and the problem is solved.


Haha, okay! But what do you mean by lock? I hope I don’t sound dumb askin’ this! :smiley:

lock means that no one can post in this thread anymore

Aight then y’all. Lizocked. :stuck_out_tongue: