Favorite Yoyo player on the forum

Who is ur favorite yoyo player on the YYE Forum?



Samad. No competition.



For real.

the masked yoyoer. just kidding. jared.

I’m surprised you guys count me… but I have to say, Tyler Severence, André, JD, are just some of the people on here…

Wait, Tyler Severance is on this forum? Well then I have to say Tyler. Your also a really good yoyoer too, Samad. Sorry. :-\

We know they’re here.

We just think that you are better than them. ;D

Every yoyoer is owned by Samad, pssh.

That’s just me though.


Going that route I’d have to say Augie of course, but I figured he ment the more active people…

Samad is my favorite.

If Tyler’s on the forums, Tyler if my favorite…

do we have to pick one, i pick more than one person

:frowning: No one has picked me.

Maxwell Potvin

Josh, Augie, Jensen, Josh again, ummmm, Josh… Me, Samad, Josh… Aundre, and some others.

In fact we are all winners! YAY

Josh just wins more than others!

Yay for josh.
He just has something IMO.

I like the way you saying we are all winners.

This guy!

Jeremy wins. Ed Haponik is the most awesome yoyoer to every type text into a yoyo forum.