fav. yoyo player

(yokaiyo) #1

Who is your fav yoyo player?

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Why bother posting a poll when there are over 200 yoyoers? There have been several other threads like this anyway. My favourite would be:
Samad Patel. He is friendly, funny, good at yoyoing, and he’s a ninja.

(JonasK) #3

Mark Montgomery

Alex Valin (I think that’s his name)

(J. Lev) #4

Vashek Kroutil


He is awesome! One of my favourites! I also like Eric Koloski, Tyler Severance and Mikhail Tulabut.


Aww, shucks rsmod :-*

Anyway, these are all for 1a:
Jensen Kimmitt, Guy Wright, Tie McClellan, Andrew Robinson, Tyler Severance, Paul Dang, Mark Montgomery, and Vashek Kroutil.

And none of them were on the poll.


Augie Fash

Happy Throwing! =]

(yokaiyo) #8

Sorry about not posting those yoyoers :-[ :(. I am not that familiar with all
the yoyoers of the world.

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(Mark) #9

My list of favorites: Hiroyuki Suzuki, David Ung, Jensen Kimmit, Andre Boulay and John Ando


Tie McClellan

Jaun Renteria

Both seen in this video:


I think this is one of the best videos EVER. But that is just my opinion.

5A ftw!!