Who is your favorite yoyoer?

Who do you watch throw the most? Who is your fav yoyoer? Whatabout them do you like? My favorite as to be johnnie delvalle beacuse of his amazing slack play. Everyime i watch him i try to make a slack trick like him. I suck at it but it’s still fun lol :slight_smile:

why are their alot of these i created one in october alot os people picked jensen but i pick my good frein Gentry Stein and Augie Fash

Myself :slight_smile:

no scratch that i like ernest kahn the best he rockkkksss!!!

Well totally hiroyuki suzuki jensen kimmitt augie fash and finally mark montgomery cause he just flat out owns with frontstyle combos

Currently: Ed Haponik, Guy Wright, Matej Hatala and Augie Fash.

Lately I’ve been watching a whole lot of Tatsuya Fujisaka and Shinya Azuma.

I’d probably pick Steve Brown, Guy Wright, and Augie Fash

Mike Monty from DTI

Ann connolly :wink: lol jk. Shes ok. not the best.

Gentry Stein
Keiran Cooper
Samad Patel
Mateusz Ganc
Anthony Rojas
Ernest Kahn
Dylan Benharris
Eric Koloski
Gary Li
And of course, Justin Bieber.


Well… there’s a lot more. ;D

well my favourite yoyoer is Jensen Kimmitt, but I also like Mateusz Ganc, gentry stein and Sebastian Brock.

Micky , Takuta , Gary Li , Ganc , Kimmit And Of Course My Hero Pong Si Yee aka Peter :wink:

Mark Montgomery and Plamek.

Zammy, Ed Haponik, Guy Wright.

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Eric Tranton

Justin Bieber

Before or after the haircut?

MarkMont for me.

Tyler Severance ;D
he has a style, and he is nice. He tought me boingy boing XD


Augie, Jensen, Gentry, Zach Smith, David Orvek, Gram Steller (sp?) Ryota Ogi, Terry, Zammy, Hank Freeman, Jack Ringca, Ed Haponik, Gacek, Thomas Bubak, Luo Yi Cheng, Tie McClellan (sp?) and Joe Wilson. If I had to pick just one, right now it would be Zach Smith. :slight_smile:

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